Madonna: Like an Icon

  • Madonna was Born

    Madonna was Born
    On August 16th, 1958, Madonna was born in Michigan, Bay City with the name Madonna Louise Ciccone. She was born to parents, Silvio "Tony" Ciccone and Madonna Fortin. Madonna was the third of six children.
  • Madonna's Tradgedy

    Madonna's Tradgedy
    On December 1st, 1963 Madonna's mother, an x-ray technician and former dancer, died of breast cancer. Madonna's mother was one of her biggest influences and got diagnosed with breast cancer when she was pregnant with Madonna's youngest sister.
  • Dance Scholarship

    In the year of 1977, Madonna got a dance scholarship.
  • Michigan University

    Michigan University
    In the year of 1978, Madonna dropped out of Michigan university and moved to New York where she started a carear as being a nude model.
  • Time Magazine

    Time Magazine
    On March 1st, 1984, Time Magazine put Madonna on the map as a global star in the magazine and included articles about Madonna like ' Why she's hot'.
  • 1st Marriage

    1st Marriage
    On August 16th, 1985, Madonna had her first wedding and got married to actor Sean Penn.
  • Like a Prayer

    Like a Prayer
    Video - On March 21st, 1989 her first ever big single like a prayer came out. Sire Records is who released the lead single. The song was written and directed by Madonna and Patrick Leonard
  • Madona's Book

    The launch of Madonna's book: Sex at a virgin Records store in New York which created a lot of controversey.
  • Lola

    Lola and Her FatherOn October 14th, 1996, Madonna's first daughter was born. The father is Carlos Leon. Carlos Leon was one of her lovers and her personal trainer.
  • Rocco

    On August 11th, 200, Madonna's first son, Rocco, was born. It was Madonna and Guy's first son together.
  • 2nd Wedding

    2nd Wedding
    On December 15th, 2000, Madonna got married for the second time in her life to British director, Guy Ritche at Skibo Castle in Scotland.
  • Madonna Kisses Britney Spears

    Madonna Kisses Britney Spears
    Madonna and Britney kiss mouth-to-mouth during their performance of "Like a Virgin" on the MTV Music Video Awards
  • Vows Renewed

    Vows Renewed
    On December 22nd, 2004 after being married to Guy Ritche for almost exactly 4 years, they renew their vows.
  • Madonna's Third Child

    Madonna's Third Child
    On October 10th, 2006, Madonna filed adoption papers for her son David
  • Adoption

    After Madonna filed her adoption papers for David, there was multiple delays, but finally on May 28th, 2008 the adoption got approved by a Malawaian judge.
  • Madonna's Second Divorce

    Madonna's Second Divorce
    On December 15th, 2008 Madonna and Guy Ritche get a divorce after being married eight years.