Madison Hill

Timeline created by MadisonH
  • Subway Story

    Subway Story
    Today we heard a story about a man who saved another man's life. The hero risked his life to save another man who had fallen into the subway tracks. After learning about this story, we wrote about what we think the definition of a here is.
  • "Why Courage Matters"

    Today we read a book by John McCain. Every chapter he wrote about a different person who he believes is a hero.
  • Quillen Interview

    Quillen Interview
    Today we watched an interview of Kristi Quillen. She gave up her life in the United States to work as a Peace Corporation Volunteer.
  • My Choice

    My Choice
    Today I picked out my hero. My hero is Dr. Seuss.
  • Work, Work, Work

    Work, Work, Work
    Today I worked on my timeline and found my Biography
  • Hero Powerpoint

    Today we learned more about heroes by doing activities from a powerpoint.
  • Hero Powerpoint

    We finished the powerpoint activity
  • First Blog

    First Blog
    I posted a video on Posterous about how I chose my hero
  • Reading

    Today I read 100 pages of my Biography
  • Second Blog

    Second Blog
    My second blog was about what I believe a hero is, and who some of my heroes are. My mom is my hero
  • Period: to

    Hero Biography