Madison and Mychala American Revolution

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    The French and Indian War: 1754-1763

    The French and their Indian allies fought against the British,for the West side of the Appalachian Mountains.
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    The Royal Proclamation

    Since England owned so much of North America, the colonists headed west to get to all of the open farmland. But the king of England didn't want anybody to move west of the Appalachian Mountains because Britain would have to spend even more money, to protect the colonists from American Indian attacks. The king didn't want Britain to spend anymore money to keep the colonists safe. The colonists were angry and started grumbling about not being able to live where they wanted to.
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    The Quartering Act

    Since the king of England sent soldiers into the colonists homes, the colonists were forced to give the soldiers what they needed.
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    The Stamp Act

    King George didn't like losing money. So he tried to make more money by forcing the colonists to pay taxes of everything they bought, that was paper. The colonists didn't like this rule, so they gathered in the streets, and complained about the kings new rule.
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    The Townshend Act

    The British government official, Charles Townshend, wanted to lower taxes for the people in England, but England still needed money, so they kept making the colonists pay more taxes. The king sent soldiers to enforce acts that taxed tea, glass, paper, and lead. The colonists boycotted and refused to buy British goods.
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    The Boston Massacre

    On a March evening, a mad mob of colonists approached British soldiers on patrol in Boston. The colonists taunted and threw snowballs at the soldiers. The redcoats opened fire, on the colonists. Five of the colonists were killed, from the shooting. More people were severely wounded. All of the colonists went crazy, and the soldiers had to run for cover.
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    The Tea Act

    The king of England made a new rule that the colonists has to only buy their tea from the British East India Company. The colonists liked the tea, but they didn’t like how much it cost. The smugglers, who sneaked illegal tea into the Colonies, were very happy. The colonists refused to obey the king’s new rule. They blocked ships and stopped them from unloading tea.
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    The Boston Tea Party

    On a December night, several of the colonists disguised as American Indians, sneaked onto three ships carrying tea. They dumped 90,000 pounds of tea into the Boston Harbor! They didn’t want to destroy anything but the tea. This action sent a strong message, “No taxation without representation!” King George was outraged.
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    The Intolerable Acts

    King George got extremely mad, and then he made even more rules! He closed the Boston Harbor for business. He said that any British soldier that was accused of any crime should have their trial in England, and not in the Colonies. The Massachusetts Colony lost it’s charter, and the king reinforced the Quartering Acts.