• apperance of trio of whiches

  • king Duncan hears the new that is general macbeth and banquo have two separate invading armines

  • macbeth and banquo encounter the wiches

  • wiches prophesy that macbeth will be made king of scootland

  • banquo will beget a line of scottish kings

  • Macbeth and Banquo treat thier prophecies skepitcally

  • macbeth amed thane of the cawdor

  • Macbeth is intrigued by the possibillty that he will be rowned king

  • king Duncan dine at macbeth;s castle

  • macbeth wirtes ahead to his wife her all that has happened

  • lady macbeth desires the kingship and wants him macbeth to murder Duncan.

  • Macbeth arrives at inverness she persuades him to kill the king that night

  • he and lady macbeth plan duncan murder.