By shy2259
  • Lumenburg Discovered

    A Finnish explorer discovered Lumenburg. He meant to go from Greenland to Finland, then he sailed to Lumenburg which he thought was Finland, but then he realized hat he had discovered a new country. This country was controlled by Finland.
  • Discovery of the Herminburg Plant

    A scientist from Lumenburg discovered a new medecine plant called the Hurminburg. This plant has stuff in the plant that can be used as medecine. Herminburg medecine can heal sickness. This plant was found in a cave near Mt. Lamburg
  • The Lumenburg and Finland War

    Lumenbug did not like being controlled by Finland. So they demanded a war. This war lasted for 3 years. Lumenburg had defeated Finland on March 12, 1997. That is how Lumenburg had become a free country.
  • Ice Hockey Was Invented

    Lumenburg was really cold in the winter so the lakes, ponds, and oceans froze. Lumenburgians loved to skate on those frozen oceans and so they made up a game with wooden sticks and a ball. they loved it and it became famous and known as hockey. Canadians upgraded the sport so they took the credit. Many people think Canadians invented hockey but they mostly took the credit of Lumenburg.
  • Mt. Landberg Avalanche

    There was a avalanche at Mt. Lamberg. Over 3,000 people were killed in the deadly disaster. The snow from the avalanche also blocked roads which caused car crashes.This disaster changed Lumenburg history and was never the same since.