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  • Lululemon's First Appearence

    Lululemon's First Appearence
    Although Lululemon wasn't a store, the idea and word was being spread about Vancouver that it was going to open.
  • Lululemon's First Store

    Lululemon's First Store
    "Did you know... Lululemon Athletica's first real store opened in the beach area of Vancouver called Kitsilano in November of 2000. This is the one!" -Poster in the first ever Lululemon store.
  • Innovative Retailer of the Year

    Innovative Retailer of the Year
    Lululemon was named most "Innovative Retailer of the Year" in the year 2003.
  • Moving Outside

    Moving Outside
    Lululemon expanded outside of the Canadian border.
  • Ottawa

    First store was opened in Canada's capital, Ottawa.
  • Japan

    Lululemon opened its first store in Japan!
  • New CEO

    New CEO
    A new CEO came from Boston, Robert Meers, moved to Vancouver to share his new ideas!
  • Public Company

    Public Company
    Lululemon became a public company in 2007.
  • Trouble With Fabric

    Trouble With Fabric
    New York Times tested the fabric made by Lululemon, claimed it was no different then regual cotton. Lululemon immeditly tested it, stating the tests confirmed seaweed components in the cotton.
  • Goodbye Japan

    Goodbye Japan
    Closing the four stores located in Japan, Lululemon decided to focus on the North American stores.
  • New CEO

    New CEO
    Christine Day took Robert Meers position as CEO.
  • Kids Store Opens

    Kids Store Opens
    Lululemon created a childrens store targeting kids 6-12 years of age.
  • Reusable Bag Recall

    Reusable Bag Recall
    Lululemon recalled their resuable bags as they contained high levels of lead.
  • Warehouse Sales

    Warehouse Sales
    All major warehouses (Cargary, Vancouver, Ottawa, etc.) had blowout sales.
  • Recall on Yoga Pants

    Recall on Yoga Pants
    Lululemon recalled all see-through yoga pants.
  • New CEO Opening

    New CEO Opening
    Christine Day, stepping down from CEO after the Yoga Pant recal costing her $67 million.
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