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  • Holy Spirit Movement,

     Holy Spirit Movement,
    A armed resistance movement claimed to be inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. Lakwena portrayed thought she was a prophet that reseived messages from god. She thought she and the Acholi could defeat the government run by Yoweri Museveni, by casting off witchcraft and spiritualism embedded in their culture. she beleived god told her to tell the followers that they could cover their bodies with shea nut oil as protection from bullets.
  • L.R.A strengthens its power

    L.R.A strengthens its power
    kony was convinced that the Acholi were now collaborating with the Museveni government. so he began to terrorize civilians, which increased his military strength. resulting in a series of mass abductions, such as the killing or abduction of several hundred villagers in Atiak and in 1995 his amry kidnapping a 139 girls that were in school. After that The government responded with creation of the so-called "protected camps. where supposidly people where safe.
  • what is the L.R.A

    what is the L.R.A
    youtube videoThe L.R.A is a notorious renegade group in central Africa that have murdered, raped and kidnapped tens of thousands of people with impunity.
    The army originated as a Ugandan rebel force in the 1980s and morphed into a fearsome, cult like band of marauders that have terrorized villagers in at least four African countries!
    It is led by joseph kony , a self-proclaimed prophet known for ordering massacres, mutilating people and kidnapping thousands of children
    turns girls into sex slaves and b
  • the corrupt government

    the corrupt government
    the government in uganda is corrupt they can be paid off with acohol or anything. Anything that is worth something, they will take the onlything the people can really trust there is the united nations the army that cant shoot, but they have guns !
  • interesting facts about the L.R.A

    interesting facts about the L.R.A
    The LRA's id is disputed amongst races Although the LRA has been regarded primarily as a Christian miilitary. The LRA reportedly evokes Acholi nationalism on occasion but many observers doubt that he is sincer to anything.
    Robert Gersony, in a report from the United States Embassy. Concluded that the LRA has no political program or ideas to its terror. other than to gain power.
  • "Iron Fist"

    "Iron Fist"
    was an attempt by the UPDF "uganda peoples defence force" against the lra head courters in southern sudan. this didnt make the lra happy so for revenge they attacted there refuge camps in northern uganda. which they killed hundreds of civilians, which were staying at the so called safe house.
  • internal dispacment camps

    internal dispacment camps
    life inside one of these campsthe LRA attacks have resulted in the displacement of nearly 95 percent of the Acholi population in three districs of northern Uganda. by 2006 more than 1.7 million people have been moved to 200 different locaations around northern uganda. the conditions of these camps were and are horrible. they reported more than a thousand people dieing weekly.
  • the truce

    the truce
    between 2006 and 2008 a series of meeting were held between Juba, Sudan, between the government of Uganda and the LRA.
    Under the terms of the truce, LRA forces would leave Uganda and gather in two areas in the remote Garamba National Park area of northern Democratic Republic of Congo that the Ugandan government agreed not to attack.
  • the massacre

    the massacre
    the massicrethe LRA massacred at least 143 people and abducted 180 at a concert celebration sponsored by the Catholic church In the Democratic Republic of Congo. the L.R.A struck several other communities in the near-simultaneous attacks: 75 people were murdered in a church near Dungu, at least 80 were killed in Batande, 48 in Bangadi, and 213 in Gurba. the LRA terror in this country resulted in displacing as 320,000
  • what percent of people still live in fear today

    what percent of people still live in fear today
    90 percent of people still live in constant fear of the L.R.A, they know that there government nor the MONUSCO UN peacekeepers care for their security, according to Oxfam survey takin earlier this month. even in the camps they are not safe because there guards can be payed off really easily.