Lou Gehrig

  • Henry Louis Gehrig born to Christina and Heinrich Gehrig.

    Henry Louis Gehrig born June 19, 1903 to Christina and Heinrich Gehrig.
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    The Life and Death of Lou Gehrig

  • Gehrig graduates from Commerce High School.

  • Gehrig signs his first contract with the New York Yankees.

  • Gehrig makes his major league debut.

  • Gehrig gets his first major league hit as a Yankee.

  • Gehrig is bumped down to the minors after "sitting too long on the bench."

  • Gehrig amashes two home runs against Hall of Famer pitcher Walter Johnson.

  • Gehrig hits in a tremendous game, winning the pennant for the Yanks.

  • Gehrig hits three homers in one game for the first time.

  • By this date, Gehrig and Babe Ruth tied for most home runs. (The beginning of the greatest home run race of all time. -Paul Gallico).

  • Yankees manager Miller Huggins dies.

  • Stock Market crashes.

  • Gehrig breaks the all-time consecutive games played record hel by Everett Scott (1,308).

  • Gehrig marries Eleanor Twitchell.

  • Gehrig is awarded a scroll in honor of his 1,800th consecutive perfomance.

  • Gehrig plays in his 2,000th consecutive game.

  • "Colonel" Jacob Ruppert, Yankees G.M., dies of a heart attack at seventy-one years old.

  • Gehrig tells manager Joe McCarthy he's ready to take a seat on the bench.

  • Gehrig finally benches himself after 2,130 consecutive games played.

  • Gehrig makes his "Luckiest Man" speech. Also Lou Gehrig Apreciation Day.

  • Gehrig is elected to the Hall of Fame

  • Gehrig begins his medical treatment for ALS.

  • Lou Gehrig dies at the age of 37 of ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).