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Lord Of The Flies: Becoming The Savage

  • Escape to A New Fate

    Escape to A New Fate
    The boys Escaped from the Atomic bomb, bu they found themselves in a worse fate. The boys who survived the Atomic bomb by plane soon found themselves on a deserted island. They had no adults, or shelter. Two boys stand out from point blank, Ralph and Piggy.
  • Period: to

    Becoming The Savage

    The fate of the once civilized British School boys.
  • The First Meeting

    The First Meeting
    Piggy and Ralph seem to stick together pretty well. They hagve no clue weather or not they are the only two who survived the crash. While walking along the shore Piggy spotted a Conch shell. He knew that this could make a loud noise, sort of like a trumpet, so he told Ralph to blow into it to see if anyone comes. Piggy couldn't blow into the shell because he has asthma. Slowly other kids show up to where they are. Eventually They gather everyone who is on the island.
  • The First Metting Cont.

    The First Metting Cont.
    Last to show up is the choir boys. They are led by the head boy, Jack. The meeting gets underway. They vote for cheif and Ralph wins. The first decision was to see is they were actually on an island or not. Piggy's mission is to find out who is there. Since Ralph is Cheif Jack is nominated to lead the Hunting Party which would be the Choir Boys.
  • The Search

    The Search
    Ralph, Jack, and Simon go and search the island to see what was there, and if it was actually an island. While this was going on It was Piggy's mission to figure out who was on the island. While the boys were searching they found a mountain, this they decided would suit for the home of a signal fire.
  • First Fail

    First Fail
    Jack was trying to kill a pig, but he failed. He couldn't bring himself to do it. He is ashamed in himself so he tries harder from there on out. Eventually creating an obession within himself and the other hunters.
  • The Hunt

    The Hunt
    The choir boys go out for the hunt to see if they can get some meat. They end up failing the first time but they eventually make their kill. This starts the decent. They chant "Kill the pig, Cut her throat, Spill her blood." This also shows some resentment towards women.
  • Fire

    They start a fire so they could signal down a ship to get rescued. They get a tad bit too excited though at first.
  • Burning Down the Island

    Burning Down the Island
    The boys get a bit wild when they make their signal fire and it spreads through the island. it doesn't destroy the island but it does kill the boy with the birthmark.
  • Fear

    The boys develop a fear that makes them imagine things that aren't there. It starts with the littluns and their nightmares. Once these were told everyone else started to consider the possibility of them being real. this fear resides with them until the end.
  • Dead Man Flying

    Dead Man Flying
    The boys see soething in the air and they assume that its the beast. However it is a dead man from an airplane crash. They fear this when his stuff could have saved them.
  • I think there's something in the water....

    I think there's something in the water....
    Instead of the beast being in the air they now think its in the water. It's just another fear they develop, but it shows the separation between reality and fantsay.
  • Hiding your true identity

    Hiding your true identity
    Jack starts painting his face so he is hidden. The rest of the hunters do this also. This shows us how they are descending into being the savage
  • Piggy

    He is the smart, civilized boy. He thinks before he does anything. He has Asthma and is heavy-set. He is more concerned about the big picture (survival) than the little picture which would be fun.
  • Survival

    Hunting, at first its so they can survive. They have to have some sort of meat in their diet.
  • Roger

    Roger is a curious character. He is crazy and mean. He throws rocks at the Lilltluns. He's an all around reference to the devil.
  • The fire goes out

    The fire goes out
    The boys who were suppose to be watching the fire left and went hunting. This is a slight sign of not caring about being rescued. While the fire was out a boat passed by and they missed a chance to be rescued.
  • The First Dance

    The First Dance
    The dance is a ritual about the Hunt. It shows the savagery, and the obsession instead of the need.
  • Hippie or savage?

    Hippie or savage?
    The boy's hair starts growing and their manners disappear. Piggy is about the only one who seems to be keeping his normal length, compared to the rest.
  • Obsession

    Hunting is no longer for survival but more for the pure amusement. The hunters are completely absorbed by the kill.
  • SamnEric

    The twins. They are basically one person. They finish each others sentences and stick together throughout the entire book. When one is weak the other becomes stronger to compromise for the other's weakness.
  • Ralph

    Ralph is protagonist. He tries to maintain order amongst the boys but he isn't powerful enough to fend off Jack let alone Roger for long.
  • Lord Of The Flies

    Lord Of The Flies
    The Lord Of The Flies is a pigs head on a spear sharpened on both ends. One end is put in the ground and on the other end the hunters place the pigs head.
  • Simon

    Simon is beaten to death as he is comming out of the forest. He was about to tell everyone who the beast actually was, but he came out of the woods in the middle of the night in the middle of one of the ritual dances. He was beaten and everyone tries to block it out of their mind.
  • Jack

    Jack is the antagonist in the book. He isn't completely evil but he is an extreme control freak. He was head boy and ahead of the choir. He was elected by Ralph as the head of the Hunter also. From the start he hates Piggy and makes fun of him.
  • The Littluns

    The Littluns
    The little boys on the island. They are terrified and creating a fantsay world amoungst themselves. They are almost forgotten by the older boys. The little ones fend for themselves for the most part. I thik they represent the boys in a whole. They symbolize everyone's youth, and when they play everyones care-free feelings.
  • Hunting the Beast

    Hunting the Beast
    The older boys go out and hunt down the beast. They see what they think the beast is on top of the mountian but its just the man from the air. They get scared and decide to move the fire to the beach instead of the mountian.
  • Separation

    The tribe separates. The hunters go with Jack and the littluns, Piggy, and SamnEric stay with Ralph.
  • Stealing the Specs

    Stealing the Specs
    The hunter steal Piggy's specs so they can have fire anytime without stealing it. They also beat up the boys during their raid. The specs are a symbol of power. Now power has shifted to what seems like the Axis powers.
  • Confronting the Savage

    Confronting the Savage
    What is left of Ralph's group goes to Castle Rock to confront Jack's tribe. Ralph and Jack end up fighting and SamnEric get taken.
  • Piggy's Fate

    Piggy's Fate
    Piggy was murdered by Roger. He let the boulder they had propped up fall onto Piggy. Squishing him and smashing the Conch shell.
  • Preparations

    Ralph goes to see SamnEric after they were captured to see if he can win them back. He can't but they do help him. They tell him that Roger sharpened a spear at both ends. Roger later beats the twins into telling him what they told Ralph.
  • The Rescue

    The Rescue
    While trying to smoke out Ralph they attract a Navy ship and end up getting rescued. The Navy officer expected better of British school boys.
  • The Final Hunt

    The Final Hunt
    The hunters hunt Ralph. Jack and Roger hate Ralph. They almost catch him a few times but he narrowly escapes. So then they try smoking him out.