Lord of the Flies by Wiliam Golding

Timeline created by B.ammerlaan
  • Meeting

    Ralph Meets Piggy.
  • More Meetings

    Piggy and Ralph meet the other boys.
  • Bullying

    Piggy doesn't want to be called Piggy, but everyone does.
  • Elections

    Ralph becomes leader of the group after a democratic vote.
  • Scary Camping Stories

    One of the younger boys says he saw a scary snake.
  • Big Fire goes Unga Bunga

    The boys make a fire on one of the highest mountains to signal ships.
  • Argumentation

    Jack and Ralph have an argument about jobs and task and how all the boys except a few are doing nothing
  • Chance at Escape

    The boys see smoke from a ship passing by the island, but the fire was out so the boat didn´t stop at their island.
  • Declining health

    Some of the boys are getting sick from the unvaried diet.
  • Ribs and Twigs

    Ralph blames Jack and the twins, who had to keep the fire going, for letting the fire go out. Jack and the twins went hunting instead, but they did kill a pig.
  • Beastie confirmed?

    One of the ''littluns'' stands up to the older boys and confirms that there might actually be a "beastie'' arising from the ocean at night
  • Air battle

    As the boys are sleeping, there are planes battling above their heads. One soldier drops onto the island, dead.
  • Fire attempt #2

    The boys build a new fire, but this time on the beach.
  • Power

    Jack overthrows Ralph by making his own group.
  • Feast

    Jack organises a feast to celebrate the new tribe and to get the other boys to join.

    Simon was brutally murdered because he was mistaken by the boys for the beast.
  • Another one bites the dust

    Ralph's group goes to Jack's group and a boulder pushed down the hill by Roger kills Piggy.
  • Rescued!

    Jack's group chases Ralph, but on the beach they encounter a marine who offers to take them back.