Lord of the Flies

By EJT054
  • Plane Crash

    A plane full of kids from England crashes on a mysterious island separating all of the kids.
  • Kids Form a Government

    Finally, all the kids reuntie and form a government. A kid named Ralph is in charge.
  • Jack Disgrees on Governemnt

    Jack, a survivor of the plane crash, believes the kids should focus on hunting instead of taking care of a fire.
  • Man Parachutes Down on Island

    A mysterious man that the kids think is a beast parachutes down on the island terrifying most of them.
  • Two Kids Go After Man

    Two kids, Ralph and Piggy, go after the mysterious man. They find out he was dead.
  • Conflicts Grow About What the Kids Should Do

    Kids are now going away from their jobs protecting the fire and instead going hunting.
  • Kids Kill an Adult Pig

    Kidsbring back a pig and takes it head and puts it on a stick in the ground. One of the kids call it the "Lord of the Flies" since the kid was hallucinating.
  • Conflicts Grow Even More

    The kids kill Piggy by pushing a boulder off the cliff. Ralph runs away onto a shore.
  • British Navy Comes

    The British Navy comes stopping the civil war between the kids.