Lord of the Flies

  • The begining

    A plane crashes down in a island and a boy named Ralph survives then he finds a boy named Piggy. Later on they find a conch which Ralph blows and makes a loud noise and calls the rest of the boys assemble together.
  • Leadership and the fire

    Ralph gets elected the chief and is the leader he makes an hunting group which is lead by Jack and his followers and also made an expedition crew that will find out if they are on island.Then they make a fire on top of the mountain.
  • Huts and people stop listening

    They start working on the huts on the beach and make one of the huts then start working on the second one but most people wonder off then barely make that one start making third one and only Ralph and Simon left working on that and the rest of the kids walk off.
  • Jacks unsucces and Ralphs anger

    Jack after his another unsuccessful hunting and also lets the fire go out which could have brought the attention of the ship that was passing by so Ralph is upset at Jack.
  • Beast from the water

    One of the Littlun’ spreads a word about a beast from water which gets everyone in a panic and begin to concern themselves with fear of this new threat rather than the task at hand. Ralph is really upset that people are all talking about the beast and begin to panic.
  • Dogfight in the other world

    The entire camp falls asleep and leave SamnEric on guard duty for the fire. At the same time a massive dogfight is taking place in the air close to the island. On of the plains explodes and the now dead pilot becomes entangled in his own parachute and land on the mountain. his grim appearance makes SamnEric confuse him for the beast.position.
  • "The Game"

    This is the part where they perform “The Game” for the first time. Ralph also notice how filthy they are and they almost kill a biggun’. After that Jack suggests that next time they should do this on a littlun’.
    “ ‘you want a real pig,’ said Robert, still caressing his rump, ‘because you’ve got to kill him.’ ‘Use a littlun,’ said jack, and everybody laughed.”
  • Pigs decapitation and the tribute

    The boys slaughter a pig and decapitate it head and leave it as tribute for the beast.
    “This head is for the beast. It’s a gift”
  • Simons Death

    The boy decline even further as they trample simon and rip at his body in a "Game"
    “At once the crowd surged after it, poured down the rock, leapt on to the beast, screamed, struck, bit, tore.”
  • Castle Rock

    The department of jacks tribe has gone to setting up a fortress in the castle rock where they have a incredibly dangerous defence system that launches a boulder at those the door guard sees fit.
    “A log had been jammed under the topmost rock and another lever under that. Robert leaned lightly on the lever and the rock groaned.”
  • Piggys death by a Rock

    Roger “accidentally” pulls a lever which sends a boulder flying and kills piggy. to further prove my point jacks tribe captures samneric and forces them to join his tribe by brutal beatings.
    “The rock struck piggy a glancing blow from the chin to knee the conch exploded into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist”
  • Last remaining sane person

    Jack and his tribe fan out, now total savages, in search for Ralph the last remaining sane person. Jack’s hunters set the forest on fire in order to snuff him out.
    “The cries, suddenly nearer,jerked him up. he could see a striped davage moving hastily out of a green tangle, and coming toward the mat where he hid, a savage who carried a spear.”