• Birth

    She was born in new york, usa.
  • Drink.

    At age fourteen Elizabeth sang in church choirs and then later on she was sent to Kent School a boarding school in Connecticut, to deal with her alcohol dependence.
  • Changing home

    Changing home
    She moves in with his uncle where he learned to play guitar and let your problems with liquor
  • First tattoo

    First tattoo
    His first tattoo did in honor of his grandmother Madeleine , representing it with the letter that begins their name.
  • New contracts

    New contracts
    Lana del Rey Began writing songs for new contracts.
  • Talent

    In january 2010 she came out with her first album called ''Lana Del Rey aka Lizzy Grant''
  • Born to die.

    Born to die.
    She sold 3.4 million copies worldwide of the album " BORN TO DIE " became the fifth best-selling album of that year.
  • The great gapsy

    The great gapsy
    Record a song for the film "The Great Gatsby " .
  • Concert in Mexico

    Concert in Mexico
    She gets to mexico to present their first concert in the D , F
  • Ultraviolence

    She reveals resents its release , earning a gold disc Mexico .