Looking For Alaska

  • One Hundred Thirty-six Days Before

    One Week before leaving Florida,
    Going Away Party
  • One Hundred Twenty-Eight Days Before

    Move to alabama
    introduced to roomate Chip Martin (aka Colonel)
    Meets young beautiful girl called Alaska
    Gets nickname pudge
  • One Hundred Twenty-Seven days before

    Introduced to the hawk
    Introduced to the squad ( Takumi)
    Thrown into lake while being taped and almost naked by Kevin
    Near death experiance
    the Colonel got mad at the guys
  • One Hundred Twenty-Six Days Before

    Miles starts first class
    Pee in the Colonel's shoe
  • One Hundred Twenty-Two Days Before

    The Colonel has a date with Sara
    Miles is introduced to Sara
    Warriors think that Colonel is the one who ratted out Paul and Marya. Thats is why they are making it difficult for him
  • One hundred eighty days before

    -Alaska and chip got punished at the jury
  • One Hundred Nine Days before

    -1st Basketball game of the year
    -The colonel gets blamed for ratting on the couple
  • One Hundred one days before

    • Introduced to "Blue Citrus", Alaska's car -Miles meets Lara and shares a semi romantic time
  • Eighty Seven days before

    • Jake, Alaska, Miles, Lara, Colonel, and Takumi went on a triple date and a half Miles is Introduced to Alaska's Boyfriend, Jake
  • Seventy Six days before

    -The colonel and his girlfriend sarah break up
  • Sixty-Seven days before

    • Alaska ratted out marya to the eagle
  • Fifty two days before

    -Miles and Alaska stay together alone at Curver Creek for Thanksgiving holiday
    - Go into warriors room and put blue hair dye into gel
  • Fourty-nine days before

    • Miles and Alaska look though the rooms to find porn and watch it together
  • Forty-six days before

    -Alaska and Miles go over to the Colonels for thanksgiving, they meet his mom and also have thankgiving dinner together
  • Ninty nine days before

    • Miles, The Colonel and Alaska get caught smoking in the smoke pit by the Eagle
    • Have to attend jury
  • Three days before

    -The group meet up to do the prank
    - Miles got bit by a swan
  • Two days before

    -The day after the big prank
    -Everyone shared best and worst day of their life
  • Last Day

    Miles spends the afternoon with Lara, mostly making out. but as neither she nor Miles have any experience with anything beyond kissing, the encounter is beyond awkward.
  • Four Days After

    At 5:00AM, the Colonel comes into their room and tells Miles that he walked forty-two miles to Montevallo and then forty-two miles back because his dreams are terrible, so he doesn't want to sleep.
  • Eight days after

    the Colonel announces that he has a theory about Alaska: someone calls (he thinks Jake, her boyfriend), they fight, she cries, she freaks out, and then she drives away.
  • Fourty Six days After

    Miles is not interested in talking to Lara, Takumi—ever the conscientious one—persuades him to. Miles goes to Lara's room and apologizes for everything, and Lara, sweet and kind as usual, says that she forgives him.
  • Sixty Nine Days after

    Miles still can't figure out the flowers, and he feels like Alaska is truly gone. He and the Colonel go to smoke by the lake and think of the school meeting they had earlier, where the Eagle announced that the school is going to build a playground to commemorate Alaska.