Long Jump

  • First International Olypics

    Long Jump becomes an Olympic Event
  • First Long Jump Winner: USA

    Ellery Clark from the USA wins the Long Jump in the very first Olypic Games held in Athens. He jumped 6.35 meters.
  • Jesse Owens wins four gold medals

  • Men's Record Broken

    Men's Record Broken
    Bob Beamon breaks the Olympic Record for the Long Jump jumping 8.90m.
  • Kolpakova leaps to gold

    Kolpakova leaps to gold
    In the Moscow Olypics, Tatyana Kolpakova from the Soviet Union jumps 7.06 meters
  • Galina Chistyakova

    Galina Chistyakova
    Womens Record for Long Jump is broken, Galina Chistyakova jumps 7.52m