Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell

  • To Afghanistan....in a Flying Warehouse, 440 pages

    Non-fiction: Autobiography--1-21 pages; total (21)
    Marcus Luttrell is visiting the families from the SEAL team he was with in Aghanistan who are all dead. He is telling about each member.
  • pages 24-33, 33 pages total

    Luttrell described his early days and missions in Iraq.
  • pages 33-44, 44 pages total

    Luttrell continues to describe his missions, and he is upset with liberals in the US.
  • pages 33-58, 58 pages total

    Luttrell is starting to talk about his family and childhood.
  • pages 58-66, 66 pages total

    Luttrell talks about how he started training to be a SEAL from when he was little.
  • pages 66-84, 84 total pages

    Luttrell talks about the Taliban, al Qaeda, bin Laden, and their mission.
  • pages 85-100, 100 pages total

    Luttrell describes boot camp and the beginning of BUDS training.
  • pages 11-120, 120 pages total

    Luttrell describes the Coronado O course and the boat drill.
  • pages 120-144, 144 pages total

    Luttrell descirbes the first 3 weeks of BUD/s training.
  • pages 159-182, 182 total

    Luttrell finishes describing Hell Week and all it took for him to graduate and become a Navy SEAL.
  • pages 144-159, 159 total pages

    Luttrell describes the beginning of Hell Week.
  • pages 183-194, 194 total pages

    Luttrell now goes back to describing their mission in Afghanistan.
  • pages 194-231, 231 pages total

    Luttrell and 3 other SEALS have begun Operation Redwing. They have just been discovered by 3 Afghanistan goat herders.
  • pages 231-276, 276 pages total

    Luttrell tells of the battle with the Taliban, and 3 of the 4 SEALS are now dead.
  • pages 278-300, 300 pages total

    Luttrell is trying to stay alive while the Taliban are hunting him.
  • pages 300-330, 330 pages

    Luttrell falls down a mountain, and villagers there decide to care for him granting him "lokay." Lokay means they will defend him against the Taliban to the last man!
  • Pages 330-360, 360 pages total

    Though the village has promised to protect him, the Taliban comes in and tortures Latrell. The village then does a better job of protecting him.
  • pages 360-388. 388 total pages

    The village is protecting Luttrell though the Taliban are making things terrible for the people.
  • pages 388-416, 416 pages total

    Luttrell is finally rescued by a group of Army Rangers!
  • pages 416-447, 447 pages tiotal

    Luttrell describes his homecoming and his call from George Bush. He was awarded the Navy Cross.