• Mar 22, 1455

    henry the navigator's first time...

    ...exploring. lol. visited the maderia and canary islands.
  • Period: Feb 23, 1483 to Jan 5, 1531


    Zahir ud-din Muhammad Babur built the mughal empire
  • Period: Apr 18, 1492 to

    the columbian exchange

    exchange of animals, diseases, plants and other crap
  • Period: Aug 3, 1492 to Apr 18, 1503


    4 ROUND-TRIP VOYAGES HAHA. but also he was dead.
  • Period: Apr 18, 1501 to

    safavid dynasty

    it was in iRan
  • Dec 10, 1520

    PROTESTANT reformation

    Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon burned books which supported the authority of the pope LOL
  • Period: Apr 18, 1550 to

    scientific revolution lol

    haha people invent stuff and stop believing in god
  • Period: Apr 18, 1550 to

    use of triangle trade

    like, some gnarly trade bro totally radical, im gonna get my dad's camaro
  • Period: Feb 15, 1564 to

    galileo galilei

    "father of modern observational astronomy" "father of modern physics" or something
  • Period: to

    tokugawa shogunate

    probably like some japanese robot
  • Period: to

    LOL 30 YRS WAR

    some war. it was 30 years long i think some religious fight
  • Period: to

    age of enlightenment

    about a century and a half of anarchy. french pigdogs.
  • Period: to


    he was the ruler of all the comrades in russia he's still a god there
  • Period: to

    catherine the great

    lol she was empress or somethign but then she died or something
  • Period: to

    frencha nd indian WAR

    france and native amuricans vs BRITAN LOL
  • Period: to

    louis XVI lifespan

    crazy dude, like radical
  • Period: to

    life of marie antoinette

    she got beheaded, yo!
  • Period: to


    was a dictator of france and tried to conquer the wrold adn stuff but he failed cos he was too short. moral: short people suck
  • Period: to

    amurican revolutionary war

    america declares independence from britan and also war they then fight and we win cos washington was amurican and a total frikin' rockstar from mars and crossed a frozen river to suprise the british chumps and kill them all
  • Period: to


    it happened
  • storming of the bastille

    lol some french fries tried to free some prisoners cos they wanted bread
  • declaration of the rights of man

    lol it declared the rights of men
  • Period: to

    congress of vienna

    they made deals and stuff about europe for boundaries and provinces LOL
  • waterloo battle

    it was fought in present day belgium or something
  • the world ends :(