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Logan's Destiny Timeline

By Logan15
  • Destiny

    Destiny is an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and previously published by Activision. Set in a "mythic science fiction" world, the game features a multiplayer "shared-world" environment with elements of role-playing games.
  • Destiny Expansion I The Dark Below

    Destiny Expansion I The Dark Below
    Beneath the surface of the Moon, a long-forgotten enemy wakes. The Dark Below takes place on the Moon and within the Hellmouth, and involves stopping the Hive god Crota from being resurrected and invading Earth. Players are guided by Eris Morn, a new Tower vendor with a grudge against Crota.
  • Destiny Expansion II The House of Wolves

    Destiny Expansion II The House of Wolves
    The Guardians have grown strong, and now the Queen of the Awoken has called upon them to hunt down the House of Wolves, Fallen subjects once loyal to the queen before their violent rebellion. Their leader, a Fallen Captain known as Skolas, seeks to bring all of the Fallen Houses under his command.
  • Destiny The Taken King

    Destiny The Taken King
    Oryx, The Taken King and is army of corrupted taken Aliens is on a quest for revenge, after the Guardians had slain his son Crota.
  • Destiny Rise of Iron

    Destiny Rise of Iron
    Rise of Iron revolves around the Fallen enemy race, as they have breached the Wall that surrounds Earth's last safe city and are utilizing the SIVA virus, a Golden Age nanotechnology characterized by self-replication and self-assembly. Lord Saladin, the last known remaining Iron Lord, guides players to become a new generation of Iron Lords and wipe out SIVA.
  • Destiny 2

    Destiny 2
    when the Red Legion of Cabal invaded the Sol System and attempted to steal the power of The Traveler. The Guardian slowly made their way out of the City as the Cabal gunned down civilians and Lightless Guardians.
  • Destiny 2 Expansion I Curse of Osiris

    Destiny 2 Expansion I Curse of Osiris
    Curse of Osiris takes place on Mercury and follows the Guardian's efforts to rescue Osiris from the Vex in order to avert a dark future.
  • Destiny 2 Expansion II Warmind

    Destiny 2 Expansion II Warmind
    Warmind is centered around the once-thought-lost scientist and AI linguist Anastasia Bray, the titular Warmind Rasputin, and the ancient Hive Worm god Xol, Will of the Thousands
  • Destiny 2 Forsaken

    Destiny 2 Forsaken
    Forsaken revolves around the Guardian seeking to avenge the death of Cayde-6 by the hands of Prince Uldren Sov.
  • Destiny 2 Forsaken Black Armory

    Destiny 2 Forsaken Black Armory
    The Black Armory focuses on making powerful weapons from reigniting the Forges.
  • Destiny 2 Forsaken Gambit

    Destiny 2 Forsaken Gambit
    Gambit introduced a new game mode called Gambit a player vs. player vs. environment game mode in Destiny 2, weapons and armor can be acquired by completing matches, which can be used in the rest of the game. Likewise, gear received elsewhere in the game can be used in Gambit.
  • Destiny 2 Forsaken Opulence

    Destiny 2 Forsaken Opulence
    Emperor Calus Of the Cabal invites you back to the Leviathan
  • Destiny 2 ShadowKeep

    Destiny 2 ShadowKeep
    Eris Morn seeks the help of the Guardian in defeating "Nightmares" which are manifestations of the Guardian's past. Players face off against their previous adversaries, which are being resurrected by the Darkness, the ancient enemy of the Traveler. Throughout the story, Eris and the Guardian work together to figure out the cause of this unleashed madness
  • Destiny 2 Undying

    Destiny 2 Undying
    They say the Black Garden was the birthplace of the vex, but it was not the beginning. they will do anything to protect the garden. the gateways have opened The Vex are Coming.
  • Destiny 2 Dawn

    Destiny 2 Dawn
    The Guardian returns to Mercury to assist Osiris in stopping the Red Legion from changing the past.
  • Destiny 2 Worthy

    Destiny 2 Worthy
    The Guardian working with Commander Zavala, Anastasia Bray, and Rasputin to prevent the Cabal from crashing The Almighty into The Last City.
  • Destiny 2 Arrivals

    Destiny 2 Arrivals
    Arrivals begins with the Guardian being sent to Io by Zavala to find and retrieve Eris Morn. She is found investigating a mysterious tree hidden away on Io, and grants the Guardian an artifact, the Seed of Silver Wings, and tasks them with containing the Darkness on Io with the help of The Drifter, to break through Savathun's interference in order to commune with the Darkness.
  • Destiny 2 Beyond Light

    Destiny 2 Beyond Light
    Beyond Light focuses on Eramis the Shipstealer, a former Baroness of the House of Devils, now known as the Kell of Darkness, who plans to use the power of the Darkness to save her people and take revenge on the Traveler back on Earth, as she and many Fallen believe that the Traveler had abandoned them before the Golden
  • Destiny 2 The Hunt

    Destiny 2 The Hunt
    The Hunt focuses on Xivu Arath, Oryx's sister and the Hive God of War. and the resurrection of Uldren sov as a Guardian now known as Crow
  • Destiny 2 Chosen

    Destiny 2 Chosen
    Chosen brings back the Cabal in a fresh way with Empress Caiatl, the daughter of Cabal Emperor, Calus. While Season of the Chosen is mainly focused on a war with the Cabal, it has also continued to develop the story of Crow as a new Guardian.
  • Destiny 2 Spilcer

    Destiny 2 Spilcer
    Splicer revolves around a Vex simulation pushed into reality, causing the sun to vanish from the sky over the Last City. when the Last Safe City is enveloped in an Endless Night wrought by a Vex simulation. Lost as to how to undo this act, or how its greater purposes might be uncovered, Ikora Rey and Osiris reach out to Mithrax, Kell of Light, and sacred Eliksni Splicer in their desperation
  • Destiny 2 Lost

    Destiny 2 Lost
    Return to the Dreaming City to help Queen Mara Sov vacate Savathun's worm in exchange with help lifting the Curse of the Dreaming City
  • Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

    Destiny 2 The Witch Queen
    Face the Witch Queen's Lucent Brood and solve the riddle at the heart of her deceit