(LN)city of bones, cassandra clare, fiction, 485

  • 35 pages

    Clary was at a club when she followed two boys and a girl into a utility room. the people she followed were supernatural and only she could see them.they killed another boy who was also supernatural. clary couldn't tell anyone because she would be seen as crazy. her mom wants to go on a long vacation.
    pages 1-35 total-490
  • 51 pages

    Clary's mom called Clary when she was getting attacked by a demon. Clary ran home after taking something from Jace, that something ended up killing the demon. But it poisened Clary in the prosses and Jace ended up taking her back to his house. Clary met Jaces toutor, Hodge, and told him what happened.
    pages 36-87 total-541
  • 33 pages

    Jace takes Clary back to her home where they meet a demon. They end up talking to Dorothea who tells them that Clary's mom had once been a shadowhunter. Clary is careless enough to go through a portal that Dorothea has and Jace follows, they end up at Luke's house where they meet Simon who is spying on Luke, who isn't home. Clary tells Simon the whole story.
    pages 88-120 total-574
  • 36 pages

    Jace, Clary, and Simon got out of Luke's house right after Luke and his friends left. They got back to the institute where Simon fell in love with Isablelle and Jace and Clary told Hodge everything that had happened. Hodge explained to them that Clary's mom had truley been a shawdow hunter and that Hodge used to be part of an evil group along with many others including Clary's mom.
    121-156 total-610
  • 24 pages

    The silent brother arived the morning after Simon got kicked out. Clary agreed to lot him read her mind but when he tried he couldn't because there was a block. The only way to get past the block was to go to the Glass City. After a little thinking Clary agreed and Jace and her set off. They arrived after a short ride.
    pages 156-180 total-634
  • 44 pages

    The silent brothers couldn't get past the block in Clary's mind, the only one that would be able to was the person who made it, Magnus Bane. Luckily when Clary and Jace talked to Isabelle later she had picked up an invintation for a party at Magnus' house even though no one knew who he was. They went to the party and got Magnus alone.
    pages 180-224 total-678
  • 76 pages

    Clary figured out that her mom had made Magnus put the block in her mind. Magnus showed her the ruin of sight. Simon drank a drink and turned onto a rat and than was stolen by a vampire. Jace and Clary had to find him so they went to the vampire home even though it was against the law. They got in a fight and then the werwolves showed up and Clary, Jace and Simon got away on a flying bike. They got back home and everyone was furious.
    pages-225-300 total-754
  • 78 pages

    Jace and Clary kissed and Simon saw so he left. Clary figured out where the cup was. It was in a card that her mom painted and gave to Dorothea, so the shadowhunters went to get it. They got it but a monster came out of Dorotheas portal almost killing them all when Simon came to the rescue. They got back to the institute where Clary and Jace went to see Hodge who turned on them. He called Valintine and knocked Jace out and caged Clary. He gave Valintine the cup.
    pages-301-376 total-896
  • 20 pages

    Valintine lifted Hodge's curse and then left. Hodge took a walk. Clary got out of the cage and ran after him. She followed him to an alley where he tried to kill her. A werewolf showed up to save her and injured Hodge and her. She fainted and woke up in a cell in werewolves head quarteres. Luke came in and revieled that he was a werewolf. Then went on to tell her how it all happedned.
    pages 377-390 total-916
  • 76 pages

    Clary found where Valintine was hidding. Her and Luke went there with all of the other werewolves. Sherought found her mom asleep because of a spell. She also found Jace and figured out that he was her lost brother. They almost killed Valintine but he got left the portal.
    pages 390-466 total-1030
  • 18 pages

    Clary's mom had been put in a hospital and was still under the spell. She went to the institute for the first time since it all happened. She was surprised with everyone when they all were happy to see her. She begged Jace to go with her to the hospital and he agreed and then showed her his new vampire flying bike.
    pages 467-485 total-1048