Linking History to the Now

  • Robert Boyle

    Robert Boyle came up with Boyles Law, which describes the relationship between pressure and volume. It is an experimental gas law that says that the pressure of gas decreases as volume increases.
  • Decompression Sickness Discovered

    Robert Boyle observed expanded gases in the eyes of a dead snake and made the first correlation between the effects of pressure on the human body and the symptoms of decompressions sickness. ****Don't know exact date****
  • First scuba diving prototype

    Henry Fleuss designed the first self-contained apparatus. It consisted of a rubber mask connected to a breathing bag. A copper tank supplied the oxygen and a rope yarn soaked in a solution of caustic potash to scrub carbon dioxide. ****Don't know exact date****
  • Modern day Scuba Gear

    With equipment such as pressure gauges, bouyancy control devices, and single hose regulators. ****Dont know exact date****