Lil wayne!

  • Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. Birth date.

    Wayne was born in new orleans, Louisianna.
  • Shot himself.

    Lil wayne accidentally shot himself in the chest with his mothers gun.
  • Wayne won his first award!

    He won an award for his ablum "get it how you live!" That Featured Young turk and Hot boys.
  • Launched his solo career!

    The album he released was "tha block is hot". The album was a big hit, and reached top on the hip-hop charts.
  • Released "Tha carter."

    For a while before he released this album he had released about 3 other ones. The first Carter was just the beginning with many more to come!
  • Arrest Of drug possession.

    He was in Georgia and was arressted for drug posession.
  • Second arrest!

    He was arrested in Arizona for drug-related charges.
  • Tha Carter III.

    For a while before This released he was was recording many mixtapes with diffeent rappers. He Was becoming more and more popular. He made appearances with different celebrities that only furthered his career. It hit the top of the hip-hop charts! He sold more then 1 million copies in the first week of its release! There was alot of familiar rappers on this album he did did mixes with; Birdman, Jay-Z, T-Pain, Babyface and santana are some of the many.
  • Picked up his many awards!

    Lil wayne won best rap song for "A milli" and "Lollipop". He then won The best rap performance, joining forces with Jay-z, T.I, Kanye west, and named it "Swagga like us". He also Won the Grammy award for Best rap album. He also won 3 more awards!
  • Signing and boostin tour!

    He signed Bow wow to his new recording album, while he was on tour with Soulja boy and Drake.