Lifes been good to me so far.

  • Birthday

    Amram Linebarger was born in Chopus Christy TX.
  • First fish

    Poached and captured first fish.
  • Had first memory.

    Wears off from amnesia and remembers firs 2 years of his life. (First memory)
  • Moved to Staples TX

    I moved from Corpus Christi to a town near SM.
  • Went skiing For the first time.

    Went skiing in Colarado
  • Started education.

    Started kindergarten
  • 1st family reunion

    Went to Frio River for th first Andrews Family Reunion.
  • Started soccer

    I played my first outdoor soccer season.
  • First Major Injury

    Amram was on top of the cattle shoot and then fell on his arm.
    It broke both of the bones in his wrist.
  • I got crippled

    When Amram's division 2 soccer team went to state, he fractured his Lombar 5 vertabrae and had to wear a brace for several months.
  • Amram Linebarger got into National Junior Honor Society.

    I made it into NJHS.
  • Got into Gifted and Talented at GNMS.

    Amram passed the gifted and talented creativity test the test that kept him out of GT for years.