Life Span Development

  • Neonate- Directly After Birth

    Head is not fused together yet. Does not respond to own name. Can neither walk nor crawl. Heart Rate is around 120-160. BP is >60 mmHG systolic.. RR is around 40-60.
  • Infant- Three Months After Birth.

    May be able to walk or crawl. Fontelles start to fuse together. Responds to name, but is unable to speak words. BP is around 70-95 systolic. HR is around 100-120. RR is around 25-50.
  • Toddler- 1 year after birth.

    Usually can walk. can form words, but is not quite a conversationalist. Fontelles are fused together. Typically does not drink mother's milk. HR is around 90-120. BP is around 80 Systolic. RR is around 15-30.
  • Preschool Age- 3-6 years after birth.

    Can walk and run without help. Can have a conversation with others. Begins conventional reasoning. HR is around 70-110. BP is around 80-110 Systolic
  • School-Age- 7-12 years after birth.

    In school, and uses conventional reasoning. BP is around 90-120 Systolic.
  • Adolescent- 13-18 years after birth.

    Multiple hormonal changes. Begins developing secondary sex organs. BP is around 80/120. RR is around 12-20. HR is around 60-100.
  • Early Adult- 19- 40 years after birth.

    Typically when one is in peak phyical condition. Finally matured. May start a family in this stage. HR is around 60-100. RR is around 12-20. BP is around 80/120.
  • Middle Adulthood- 41-60 years after birth.

    Typically the most stressful part of one's life. Usually has a family, a job, and a retirement plan. All of these factors alter one's stress. Women may go through menopause during this phase. HR is around 60-100. RR is around 12-20. BP is around 80/120.
  • Late Adulthood- 61- Dead

    Elderly phase of adulthood. Skin becomes more tearable, and lungs lose their elasticity. Sight and hearing may be decreased, as well as increased chance for heart disease. May sit around all day watching FOX news. RR is around 12-20. BP is around 120/80, but may go a lot higher. HR is around 60-100.