Life of Rice

  • Ray as a Young boy

    Rays Father was killed before his birth leaving Ray to fend for himself growing up with 4 siblings and no father. Ray learned good moral values from his childhood hardships.
  • Middleschool

    In Middleschool Ray was never a big kid , but he worked hard and became an influential player on the schools bascketball and football team. Ray being small meant that he needed to learn how to duck through the forests of taller players.
  • Club

    When playing on organized youth teams Ray was known as the battering ram and became an established kicker and defencive back because of his strong legs. Ray was'nt only fast, but also very strong making him a great athelete
  • New Rochelle highschool

    In 2001 Ray was accepted into New Rochelle highschool, one of the most prestegious highschools in the country. NRHS was not particularly known for having good sports teams but Ray helped them to have some winning seasons.
  • Ray begins to shine

    In his Junior and senior year alone Ray ran over 2,192 yards and scored 52 times. He was also a destinguished bascketball star leading his team to states his senior year. Colleges saw this giving Ray many choices when it came time to graduate.
  • Ray goes to college

    In his freshman year for the Rutgers he worked his way up to the starting lineup and helped the Rutgers have their first winning season since 1990. This got him great publicity in the world of football.
  • Ray sets records

    Ray set a school record in his best game ever against Army with 243 yards in a 41-6 rout. This was great publisity for ray showing that he was truely a great runningback.
  • Ray enters the NFL draft

    Ray decided to skip his senior year for the Rutgers and enter the NFL draft where he was chosen in the second draft pick for the Baltimore Ravens. This was Rays dream, to finaly make it to the pros.
  • Playing for Baltimore

    Ray has worked his way up and become the official runningback for the Ravens scoreing more and more touchdowns every year. Ray is making tons of money and doing the thing he loves best, playing football.
  • The future

    Ray has recently become a franchise player for the ravens so he will be working with the Ravens for a long forseeable future.