Life of Chuck Berry( and discography)

  • Chuck Berry is born

    Chuck Berry is born in St.Louis
  • Ida red

  • first peformence

    Chuck berry peformes at school
  • Robbery accident

    Chuck Berry accidently commites a robbery
  • release from reform school

    Chuck Berry is released form reform school
  • joining a band

    Chuck berry joins a band
  • Head of the band

    Chuck berry now leads the band
  • Own band

    Chuck berry creates his own band
  • Chicago peformance

    Chuck berry peformanes in Chicago
  • legendary meeting

    Chuck berry meets legendary blues musician Muddy Waters
  • rock and roll revolution

    chuck berry's song maybellene sets off the rock and roll revolution
  • Period: to

    chuck berry's golden age

  • Top off the charts

    Chuck berry's music is now number 1 on the rock and roll music chart
  • the father of rock and roll

    now all musicians acknowlegde chuck berry as the father of rock and roll
  • new dance move

    chuck berry invents a new dance move
  • rock rock rock

  • first album

    chuck berry's first song album
  • new juke box hits

  • Period: to

    prison time

  • chuck berry on stage

  • Period: to


  • mecurary records

    chuck berry joins mecurary records
  • Period: to

    st.louie to frisco to memphis

  • #1 song

    Chuck berry again plays a music that becomes #1 on the pop charts
  • leaving the band

    chuck berry leaves his band
  • 3rd gold rcord

  • white house peformance

  • rock and roll album

  • tax evasion charges

  • record cd

  • grammy award

  • rock and roll hall of fame

    Chuck berry's name is put into the Rock and Roll hall of fame
  • autobiography

  • chess box records

  • extra tracks

  • On Stage

    live on stage
  • columbia river peformance

  • 6th best guitarist of all time

  • Chuck Berry music CD

    Chuck berry's song is put on to a Cd
  • statue erected

  • american music master award

  • 200th peformance

    chuck berry plays his 200th song at blueberry hill
    record breaker?