By myngnvu
  • Birth

    Newborn recognizes mother's voices and melodies.
    Newborn also plays with sounds.
  • 12-18 Months- First word!

    12-18 Months- First word!
    When newborns are around 12-18 months age, they will say their first basic words like ''mama'', ''dada''.
    Newborn starts to develop sense of trust such as whom they should be reliable on to ask for milk or attention.
  • 1 1/2- 3 Age

    1 1/2- 3 Age
    Children grow physically and becomes more mobile.
    They figure out their talents and abilities like dressing themselves, playing with toys, etc which increase sense of autonomy and independence.
    They are naturally inquisitive and want to explore.
  • Kindergarten (5-12 Years Old)

    Kindergarten (5-12 Years Old)
    Children at this stage tend to play more. This activity helps them to practice their social skills by initiating activities and experiencing criticism or over-control.
  • Elementary Students (5-12 Age)

    Elementary Students (5-12 Age)
    During this stage, children will learn reading and writing skills.
    Children in this stage needs to receive the most support and courage from their parents so they can be confident enough to achieve goals.
    They are excited to learn new things.
    Their pride grows. They expect being rewarded for taking the initiative.
  • 12-18 Age

    12-18 Age
    Sense of self and personal identity develop through personal values, beliefs, and goals.
    Adolescents are fascinating in sex-education and body images.
    Children become more independent, care about future, jobs and learn to be an adult.
    Children of this age are more likely to rebel. They must be rewarded for doing the right thing. Parents must be patient and remain calm to their children.
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    Adolescents graduate high school. At this time, teens have a lot of ambitions that they want to achieve and succeed in life.
    With their beliefs and hard work, some of them strike to a bright, successful future.
    And the others, because of unexpected circumstances, fall further behind. They become lazy and they do not have enough progress to work on themselves.
  • First work

    First work
    It's important for teenagers to get their first job. First job will increase sense of work ethic which develops critical thinking skills, communication skills, and problem-solving skills for teenagers.
    Teenagers will be excited, dream about a successful life ahead because they start to make money. When having first paycheck, adolescents usually overspend for themshelves.
  • College Life

    College Life
    When adolescent starts to enter college life, they believe they finally will have their own lives. They will explore new things, experience things that they've been wanted to try. During young adulthood, people tend to show love, respect, commitment, intimacy to others. They also want to show their values to others. During the stage, relationships start to bond.
  • Achieved Career Goals

    Achieved Career Goals
    After college graduation, some will feel excitement, pride, and anticipation, but also those of loss, discouragement, and fear because they haven't decided what to do in life. The other will get accepted to their dream job, contribute to the job and be productive at work. Throughout the work, adult develop a sense of being a part in a large picture.
    And with people failing, they become stagnant and unproductive.
  • Death

    As we grow up and become seniors, we tend to reduce productivity and enjoy life as a retiree.
    We tend to look back on our lives with a sense of completion and acceptance of death without fear.