Lici's Timeline

By sebasro
  • Calin was born

    Lici was born
  • Period: to

    Lici's Timeline

  • He moved from Cluj to Arad

  • He started school for the first time

  • Bought his first bike

  • Started highschool in the proram of electricians

  • Finished highschool with degree in electrician

  • Started working for a company where they designed, researched and tested railways

  • Started his military service (MANDATORY)

  • Finished his service for the air forces

  • Started working for the Romanian Railways

  • Parcitipated in the anti-comunism revolution

  • Started working as an engineer on the locomotive

  • Got his first car

  • Due to an unfortunate event, he got fired from the Romanian Railways

  • Got a new job for Luxten Lighting as an electrician and delivery (shipping/recieving)

  • Applied to immigrate to Canada

  • Intierview with the immigration officer in Warsaw

  • Arrived in Toronto

  • Met my mother and me

  • Married

  • Me and my mother came to Canada

  • We got our citizenships