Library Skills Presentation

By mbohm90
  • Group Meets

    Alaina, Alex and Mike meet for the first time, the sun shines and birds sing.
  • Period: to

    Group Technology Project

  • Period: to

    Group Project

  • Questionaire

    Group met for the second day and completed the assigned questionaire about
  • Where is my group?

    On day 3 only Michael Bohm arrived to class on time as we began with group work.
  • Alaina and Alex Arrive

    Better late than never
  • Last Day Before Presentation

    With one day until our final presentation, the group sat down to work on our Powerpoint and decide on presentation order and content.
  • Mike arrives

    Again, better late than never.
  • D-Day

    The final day of library skills :'( However, the group came together to deliver this amazing, final presentation and are eagerly awaiting our B's