Lexi,T. Mr. Sehl American History 2015-16 p.7


    Shelter for Indians was made from clay-like mud hardened into houses. Adobe was a very special form of protection from enemies, preditors, and weather
  • Period: to


    A movement from one settlement to another. Very significant as puritans moved from old to new world.
  • Period: to


    A native tribe that lived in eastern wooldlands of america,
  • Period: to


    Period of time in England that focused on the individuality. Caused roman catholic church lost much of its power and influence.
  • Period: to

    Prince Henry the Navigatpr

    retained title bc he funded portuguese ships to find the indies.
  • Period: to

    CHristopher Columbus

    credited for the discovery of the americas. unintentionally discovered america while attempting to find alternate route to the indies
  • Period: to


    a person that has led the conquering of several foreign lands
  • Period: to

    alien and sedation acts

    4 bills passed by the federalists and signed int law by president adams. results of the french revolution
  • Period: to

    war hawks

    used in politics to described politicians who were strong advocates for war. orginated from war of 1812 supporters.
  • Period: to

    marbury vs madison

    us supreme court case in which the basis for judicial review was established
  • Period: to

    bicameral legislature

    government involving two legislative houses. system used by both britains and americans
  • Period: to


    A group of officials chosen by the president to assist them in decision making
  • Period: to

    alexander hamilton

    The first secretary of war chosen to be a part of the first cabinet by geroge washington for the US
  • Period: to


    tariffs were implemented after the end of the war to rebuild the US economy and pay of revolutionary war debts
  • Period: to

    john jay

    First supreme court cheif of justice. implemented the john jay treaty regarding western territories.
  • loose constitution

    broad interpretation of a statute or court document
  • Period: to

    strict construction

    thomas jefferson believed in follwing the constitution to a T and the National bank
  • Period: to

    new ordinance

    freedom ordinance for the northwest territory of the ohio river. peace compact between the 13 colonies and the natives within that territory
  • Period: to

    whiskey rebellion

    a US tax protest by farmers rejecting the tariff reforms
  • Period: to

    popular sovereignty

    used to settle disputes when determining a state as slave or free
  • Period: to

    underground railroad

    path taken by slaves to escape to the North from south. led by harriet tubman
  • Period: to

    harriet beecher stowe

    author of uncle toms cabin and abolitionist
  • Period: to

    dred scott

    runaway slave who escaped into freedom then sent back after being declared by federal law that he was not an american citizen and therefore did not have the right to be free
  • Period: to

    treaty of ghent

    peace treaty designed to end the war of 1812 bewtween us and britain
  • Period: to

    hartford convention

    meeting where federalists discussed political problems concerning the end of the war of 1812
  • Period: to

    harper's ferry

    west virgininian town in whcih famous battle where lee attempted to capture the unions vital garrison and arsenal
  • Period: to

    wilmot proviso

    document designed to eliminate slavery within the land of the west
  • Period: to

    confederate states of america

    Southern america broke of from USA nd called themselves this
  • Period: to

    Battle of Fort Sumter

    Charleston, South Carolina
    confederates attack union ort
    Major Rober Anderson - Union
    General Beauregard - Confederates
    80 Union v.s. 500 Confederates
    after bombardment on fort from Charleston Harbor,
    Union Major surrenders\
    1 Inion Casualty - no confed.
    South attacked when Lincoln was going to resupply
    FIrst Civil War
    Caused Northerners to last in Union
    Made people realize the reality of the war.
  • Anaconda PLan

    Initial Civil War Strategy of the US army. rebellion by south in 1861.
    Devised by General Winsfield Scotts
    PART 1) block coast of south to prevent export of natural goods/ cash crops
    PART 2) Divide south by controling mississippi river
    PART 3)
    PART 4)
    used in...
    battle of hampton roads
    battle of shiloh
    battle of antieam
    capture of new orleans
    -scott said take 60,000-80,000 men
    would have been more effective if used early in war
  • 1st Battle of Bull Run

    Fairfax and Prince William County, Virgina
    Battle = First Manassas by south (river)
    Union forces we slow and south had time to arrive by rail
    had about 18,000 poorly trained troops
    union attack therefore, Gen. Irving thought it would be real quick but was a disaster for union forces union loss
    gen. McDowell didnt wish move gainst s .but polit. pressure made him.
    1st major land battle of the civil war
    proved southern worth in fight though north thought it would be easy defeat
  • Period: to

    Battle of Shiloh

    took place in pittsburg landing
    Ulysses S. Grant - army of tennessee
    30,000 men
    don carlos buell, ohio army
    Confederatebuell: about 50,000
    13,000 casualties
    44,700 men
    mississippi army
    union caputred 2 forts in feb.
    initial confederacy success
    known as bloodiest battle of the civil war
    union counterattacked and confederates retreated
  • Battle of Antietam

    Antietam River in Maryland
    McClellan vs Lee
    lee baited mcclellan
    union had a very defensive strategy
    linear formations
    union considered a victory however it was essentially a draw
    minnie ball gun
    12,000 union
    10,300 confederates
    set back south from invading the north
    northern moral
    immeadiatley following was the emmancipation procclimation
  • Period: to

    Battle of Fredricksburg

    Largest and eadliest battles
    first opposed river crossing
    mccullen of union was supposed to attack southern lee's weak right flank
    fredricksburg, Virginia
    conferderate win
    bad northern tactics
    fought on confederate land
  • Period: to


    Cancellorsville, Virginia
    97,000 soldiers. 14,000 casualties
    General Joseph Hooker
    flanked Lee's Army and gave up higher ground.
    evacuating hazel grove forfeited victory
    57,000 soldiers
    10,000 casualties
    robert E Lee.
    stone wall jackson killed by friendly fire
    expected north
    lee crossed the Potomac, invaded maryland and penn.
    south didnt benefit that much
    north gen. hooker retired after losing replaced by gen. meade
    lee split south and attacked north from both sides
  • Period: to

    battle of fort sumter

    The battle was the bombardment/ surrender or the imperitent northern fort. under siege by southern general lee.
  • Period: to

    Sherman's March to the Sea

    Sherman and Grant (Union) led march from west Virginia to coast of Virginia
    62,000 men
    South (Tennessee gen. Howard)
    (georgia gen. slocum)
    Union destroyed everything ($100 mil worth)
    burning of homes and railroads
    destroyed economy and moral
    Lincoln did not endorse but trusted sherman
    near the end of the war
    sherman freed about 15,000 slaves along the way