Levi Coffin

  • Levi Coffin is born

    Levi Coffin is born on October 28, 1798
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    Levi Coffin's Life

  • Realization of need of change

    When Coffin was 15, he realized that he needed to do something to help stop slavery when he saw multiple slaves walking while chained up to go and be sold.
  • Coffin opens a Sunday school

    Levi Coffin and his cousin Vestal Coffin opened up a sunday school for the slaves. Eventually, it got too popular amongst the slaves and the slave owners prohibited it and got the school shut down.
  • Levi and Catherine marriage

    Levi Coffin marries Catherine Coffin in 1824.
  • Baptist Church splits

    The Baptist Church splits over slavery issues in the community.
  • Coffin Opens Warehouse

    Coffin decided that he needed to open a warehouse in Cincinnati which slaves could come to and get things for free.
  • Warehouse closes

    Coffin was forced to close the warehouse becasue there was no profit and it was only hurting him.
  • England and Freedoms Aid Society

    Coffin goes to England for a convention and to help the Freedoms Aid Society. He ended up raising $100,000 through his work.
  • 13th Amendment

    The 13th amendment was passed and it finally abolished slavery and Coffin was alive to see this actually happen.
  • Paris Conference

    Coffin attended the International Anti-Slavery Conference in Paris.
  • Levi Coffin Dies