Let the Games Begin

By careagn
  • Atari Console Release

    Kids had something to do on Snow days or if they were Turn-key kids inside til their parents got home from work.
  • My Awareness of Atari

    I never had one but it became a social networking function. Getting together to play was like an after school get together.
  • Nintendo Game Console Release

    The consoles could have multiple players up to 4, with 4 hand controls connected by a wire. Still socially present with people in the same house, but limited as to how many people.
  • Internet opens the World

    Dial up internet made communication over the internet possible but also patchy, Couldn't use phone and internet at the same time.
  • PlayStation Became a Household Name

  • PC Game Doom was my son's first game at 2yrs old

    PC games were possible for a single person to play alone. Solitaire, Chess, Doom.
  • PS2 Released

    With Play Station, Games were single player but the world in which you played could have many different players from anywhere. The world got smaller.
  • Xbox Enters The Battlefield

  • First XBox for my son

  • PS3 Release

    Upgrade in Graphics and User interface. Go Playstation!!
  • PS4 Release

    Huge amount of Storage and an infinite amount of online friends possible. Difficult because the info that is online about a person isn't always and is rarely the reality. User Beware!!
  • PS5 The Monolithic Tower saves the world from COVID quarantine

    By now most parents have schooled their children on online safety or are policing their activity regularly... or they should be. Anything is possible and the realistic nature of the graphics is like watching a movie.