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Lauren's timeline of 1763-1774

  • Proclamation of 1763

    Proclamation of 1763
    It is the British boundary that was in the Appalaction Mountins near the Eastern Continental Divde. It also stoped the colonies form settling on the lands that the British got form France. The Coloines were made and thought that this was just a way to maintain control over them. They thought this becuase the colonies were not allowed to go to the east of the moutain so England could wacth over them.
  • Sugar Act of 1764

    Sugar Act of 1764
    The Sugar Act made suagr or other products that are imported to the Colonies form any conutry except Britain heavily taxed. This would make the Colonists furious because this was Englands way of telling them they could not trade with anyone except them.
  • Currency Act of 1764

    Currency Act of 1764
    This act was made to stop the colonies from printing and distributing moeny that made. This was to the currency the same in the mother country and the colonies. This made the Colonists frustrated because Parliament was taking away there right to regulate their own financials. They would also know that it would make them in debt because they would not have enough the standard money.
  • Stamp Act of 1765

    Stamp Act of 1765
    The Stamp Act was to tax the Colonies so that way England could get out of debt after the French and Indian wars. It is called the Stamp Act because they used stamps to repersent the taxes. The Colonists were upset that they were being taxed without consent and that their rights were being violated.
  • Quartering Act of 1765

    Quartering Act of 1765
    This act made outlines where and how British Soldiers can bored or housed in the colonies. The colonies had to porvide the barracks the soldiers stayed in. The Colonists oppesed this because they were being taxed for the soilders to have suppiles and for their barracks. They also thought that this was unnecessary because this was a time of peace.
  • Declaratory Act of 1766

    Declaratory Act of 1766
    This was the Parliaments declaration to nullify the Stamp Act. This decision was made because it was hurting Britain because the colonies could not export anything. This act was also made to assert the governments authority in taxing the people, because this act would lead to morre acts to come. This made the Colonies happy but they were still upset that they had no representation in Parliament.
  • Townshend Act of 1767

    Townshend Act of 1767
    This act was made to tax the colonies on goods imported to them. Some thing they would tax is glass, tea, paper, lead, and more. The Colonies felt like this was an unfair power that Parliament had over them because they have no one to repersent them in the government.
  • Boston Massacre of 1770

    Boston Massacre of 1770
    This was a fight between the British soldiers and the colonies. This started as a agreeument that got severely escalated and ended up killing colonists. This made the Colonists outraged and further their uneasy feeling about Britain ruling them.
  • Boston Tea Party of 1773

    Boston Tea Party of 1773
    It was a protest aginast the taxes in Boston Massachusetts. Colonists threw around 342 crates of tea into the sea that was sent form the British East India Company. This was a protest fueled by anger from the Colonist because they had no representation in Parliament.
  • Quartering Act of 1774

    Quartering Act of 1774
    This act was one of the intolerable acts that Parliament made to be a punishment for the colonist. This act is like the frist one but know the solider were allowed to live in your homes, and if they were more soliders than they could home then they could stay at inns. This made the Colonists mad because they had to hosue soliders in there own home as punishment and still had to pay for the suppiles.
  • Intolerable Acts of 1774

    Intolerable Acts of 1774
    This was a several acts made by Parliament to be a punishment for the colonies for the boston tea party. It made a new Quatering Act and other acts that the Colonists mad. They were outraged and came togther to discuss these matters with what is now known as the First Continental Congress.
  • Quebec Act of 1774

    Quebec Act of 1774
    This was another act that was included in the Intolerable Act. This act gave the people of Quebec which were mostly French, the right to their own government and freedom of their own religion. This outraged the Colonists because Parliament just gave more freedom to the emeny than their own people.