Laser Timeline

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  • Electromagnetic Radiation

    In 1900, Max Plank stated that light is a form of electromagnetic radiation. The laser would not have been invented without this understanding.
  • Stimulated Emission

    Albert Einstein had theorized about stimulated emission which is the proccess that made lasers possible.
  • Start of stimulated emission

    Several engineers were working on harnessing energy by using the prinicple of stimulated emission. This principle played a big role in the laser actuallly functioning.
  • The Maser

    The maser (mcirowave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) was invented by Charles Townes and Arthur Schalow. It uses very similar technology to the laser but does not use visible light. This mattered because the inventor of the laser got his inspiration from having the maser being built.
  • The Laser

    Gordon Gould was the first to use the term laser, he thought that atoms could create a beam of light. The beginning of revolutionary new technology.
  • The Maser for Space

    The maser was used to amplify radio siganls as a sensitive detector for space research. Very useful for getting a better understanding of space.
  • Laser Surgery

    Used for the first time to destroy retinal tumor. Helped many people in need of medical assistance.
  • The Semiconductor Laser

    Invented by Robert Hall, it is still used in many electrical appliances and communication systems today. Much less parts to technology that uses the laser.
  • The Carbon Dioxide Laser

    Invented by Kumar Patel. This type of laser is commonly used in cutting and welding.
  • Barcode Scanner

    Invented by Bernard Silver. An easier way to scan barcodes.
  • The Laser Printer

    IBM creates the first laser printer. The IBM 3800. More accurate way of printing.
  • Laser Disc Player

    First laser disc player made by Phillips. The beginning of creating your own home theater ( many years ago at least).
  • Laser Eye Surgery

    John D Myers created the first eye surgery laser device and method.
  • Mini Lasers

    Alferov and Kroemer had been studying semiconductor physics and the parts to the semicondutor laser which escalated into the mini lasers. They are the cheapest, lightest, and smallest lasers.