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In History
  • the IBM Portable PC 5100

    It was more self­‐reliant, rather than portable, able to run without a heavy processor. However, it was this innovation which motivated and encouraged future developments in the laptop industry.
  • Osborne 1

    was the first portable computer able to close up and which came with a handle. It is often considered by historians to be the first laptop created. However, its success was short lived.
  • GRiD Compass 1101

    It was the most luxurious of laptops only used by high flyers and the public sector.
  • Gavilan SC

    was the last of the 3 laptops in the controversy about 'the first laptop created'. While GriD and Osborne may have beaten Manny Fernandez's Gavilan Computer to hit the markets, the Gavilan can be said to be the first fully functional laptop.
  • TRS-­‐80 model 200.

    Advent of the first laptop able to fold neatly into two halves
  • Macintosh Portable

    complete with a high definition screen and tremendously fast 16MHz processor.
  • Macintosh Portable

    It went on to become Apple's best-­‐selling laptop for a decade.
  • The iBook

    became the first laptop to be wireless enabled.
  • MacBook

    Fast forward to today, laptops are now smaller, lighter, faster, and more appealing in style and capabilities.