• Birth

    Born in Brooklyn, New York in an Italian neighborhood from Puerrtorican parents.
  • Moving

    Move to Puerto Rico.
  • Start school

    My father is a teacher in a rural school in my hometown. We drove every morning like 20minutes to get there. That was my kinder garden.
  • My favorite teacher.

    I always remember my English eight grade teacher. Her name is Cecilia; our class was part of a project that she had. She made us sing song and copy our favorite song will listen to the radio. She wanted us to try speaking English at all times. We were the only group with walkmans, we were so cool, and she wanted us to listen to music in English and them recite our favorite part and sing the chorus. I wanted to be like her, so American.
  • Graduate fom Hight School.

    Great moment, went strait to RUM, Civil Enginiering.
  • Dropout.

    Drop out of college, with only one more year to go, and gat married.
  • Moving

    Move to Florida, my middle child needed special attention in a specialized early intervention center.
  • Returned

    Will living in Florida I worked with ATT, Long Distance Service Providers, Costumer Service #101,loved it. Returned to P.R. divorced with three kids and no degree. I had some hard times.
  • Back to School

    Went back to School to be a teacher,at UMET,Aguadilla.
  • Real thing.

    Landed my first job as a teacher, with no license or nothing .They hired me because I was fluent in English. My parents oriented me on how to be a teacher.
  • Graduation

    Graduated from UMET,Bachelor in Education,But continuedmy Masters in Special Aid,33 credits,GPA 3.82
  • Real Deal

    Started working at Antionio Gonzalez Suares,Specialized Bilingual School in Añasco, great year,loved fourth graders.
  • Special Aid Teacher

    Special Aid Teacher,at Bilingual Sergio Ramirez De Arellano-Hostos School, from seventh grade to twelve grade.
  • Sagrado

    Started this new adventure call Bilingual Certification.Hoping from the bottom of my heart,to survive and do a great job!!!!