Lady gaga

Lady Gaga

  • Birth of Stefani

    Birth of Stefani
    Her really name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Where she was born was New York City, New York.
  • Natali Germanotta

    Natali Germanotta
    This is when her little sister was born.
  • Starts to become public

    Starts to become public
    At age thirteen she starts to write songs. Then she starts to sing in public at age fourteen.
  • Graduates from high school

    Graduates from high school
    She final gets done with all her education from high school.
  • College

    She goes to college at New York University. Also she got early admission to this college.
  • Lady Gaga is born

    Lady Gaga is born
    She starts the Stefani Germanotta Band with some of her college friends.
  • Starting on her own

    Starting on her own
    Gaga goes to a record company after her band broke up. She sings on radio and when ever she came in the producer would say Gaga. After that she was forever transformed into LADY GAGA.