Lady Gaga

  • Shigeo Nagashima made his professional debut in April 1958

    Shigeo Nagashima made his professional debut in April 1958 Nagashima is a Japanese former professional baseball player and manager. It was April 5th, 1958, at Korakuen Stadium (present Tokyo Dome), Tokyo, where the opening game of the professional baseball season was being played amidst great excitement.On this day, the Yomiuri Giants’ golden rookie Nagashima Shigeo, who broke the Tokyo Big6 university baseball home run record, made his debut.
  • Madonna was born.

    Madonna was born. Louise Veronica Ciccone was born in August 16, 1958. She became an American singer, and has sold more than 300 million records worldwide. She is obviously one of artists influences Lady Gaga.
  • Radio Ga Ga was released.

    Radio Ga Ga was released."Radio Ga Ga" is a song performed and recorded by the British rock band Queen, written by their drummer Roger Taylor in January 1984. The stage name “Lady Gaga” came from this song’s title, “Radio Ga Ga”.
  • Lady Gaga was born Joanne Angelina Germanotta (stage name is Lady Gaga) born March 28, 1986 in New York City (Yonkers). She is Italian American and her blood type is A. She’s been kept in cotton wool in rich family because her father is famous businessman of Internet Company. Her mother is beautiful and she takes care for fashion so her inspiration of fashion is come from her.
  • Japanese asset price bubble

    Japanese asset price bubble, asset price bubble
    In 1986,Japanese asset price bubble which caused by a strong yen and weak dollar started to occur. In this way, people were able to get prosperity. Japanese asset price bubble has continued in 1991.
  • "Just Dance" was released.

    "Just Dance" was released. first single to be released in 2008 from The Fame was 'Just Dance', which reached number one in five different countries. Before singing this song, she worked as a song writer. Lady GaGa got her name when the producer Rob Fusari compared her vocal style to that of Freddie Mercury and took the nickname from the Queen song 'Radio GaGa'.
  • America's first black president

    America's first black president
    Barak Obama is shattered more than 200 years of history by winning The United States presidential election of 2008.
    John McCain who battled with Obama said they were proud because they had put up a good fight in “historically difficult times.” in interviews with NBC News.
  • Lady GaGa Reveals Stripper Past and Her Love for British Men was born in a wealthy Italian family but she has revealed her dark past. She said that "I was working in strip clubs when I was 18. I moved out of home, wouldn't take any help from my parents and supported myself with waitressing jobs and stripping," "My act was pretty wild.' On the reason that initiated her to take the job, she explains, "I have a strong sense of my own sexual.' Maybe Lady Gaga made by it.
  • Lady Gaga Claims 1,000th Hot 100 No. 1 with 'Born This Way'

    Lady Gaga Claims 1,000th Hot 100 No. 1 with 'Born This Way'></a>"Born this way" was released on February 11, 2011. The song reached number one in 19 countries. It became her third single to top the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and the 1000th song in history to reach number one. This song influenced a lot of people around the world.
  • The Great East JapanEarthquake and the Tsunami

    The Great East JapanEarthquake and the Tsunami Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in March
    11, 2011, and measured magnitude 8.8. It occurred 130 km east-southeast of Oshika Peninsula, Miyagi Prefecture, and the focal point was 24 km below the surface. The magnitude was larger than the 7.9 of the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, the most destructive natural disaster in Japan's history. Friday's quake followed a magnitude 5.8 quake that hit China on Thursday, killing at least 24 people and injuring more than 240.
  • Lady Gaga Designs Wristband for Japan Earthquake Relief

    Lady Gaga Designs Wristband for Japan Earthquake Relief pop star, Lady Gaga is rallying her Little Monsters to support the relief efforts in Japan with a new wristband available on her online store. As of March 29, 2011, the bracelets raised $1.5 million. She is political.
  • Lady Gaga Loves Hello Kitty: It's 'kawaii!'

    Lady Gaga Loves Hello Kitty: It's 'kawaii!' Gaga loves everything Japan, especially Hello Kitty.
    "Tokyo Love! Thank you to Hello Kitty for sending me special designed Gagasan Airport Kitty! Kawaii!" she tweeted.
  • Jamey Rodemeyer Suicide: Lady Gaga Pays Tribute to Bullying Victim Gaga paid tribute to Jamey Rodemeyer, the 14-year-old student who took his own life after years of bullying at the iHeartRadio Festival this weekend in Las Vegas.
    Lady Gaga dedicated her song “Hair” to Rodemeyer. She added, “Bullying must become illegal. It is a hate crime.”
    “I am meeting with our President. I will not stop fighting. This must end. Our generation has the power to end it. Trend it #MakeALawForJamey,” the singer posted to twitter.
  • Lady Gaga's Harajuku Shopping Chaos

    Lady Gaga's Harajuku Shopping Chaos a chaotic scene in the Land of the Rising Sun, Lady Gaga was spotted shopping in Tokyo, Japan’s Harajuku district on Wednesday (December 21). She was well known as her eccentric fashion, and she has been to the store called "Dog" in Harajuku three times.
  • Lady Gaga 'devastated' as Indonesia concert cancelled Gaga has cancelled a concert in the Indonesian capital Jakarta which is religious country of Muslim. Because the police in Indonesia had refused to issue a permit for the US pop star after who has flamboyant outfits .They had concerned that Islamic groups objected to her show such like “Lady Gaga is devil” despite more than 50,000 tickets had been sold. According it, Lady Gaga wrote on her Twitter account: "There is nothing holy about hatred."
  • Lady Gaga Is on a Diet: "I Gained 25 Pounds" "I'm dieting right now, because I gained, like, 25 pounds," Gaga told the radio show (via Huffington Post) before she headed on tour. "And you know I really don't feel bad about it, not even for a second. I have to be on such a strict diet constantly. It's hard because it's a quite vigorous show, so I tend to bulk up, get muscular, and I really don't like that. So I'm trying to find a new balance." "I love eating pasta and pizza," says Gaga. "I'm a New York Italian girl.