La Tour Eiffel

By 2carla2
  • La Tour Eiffel Opening.

  • Thomas Edison visited LaTour Eiffel

    Edison's visit and visits by others to the Eiffel Tower.He left a message for the engineer, Gustave Eiffel (whose company designed and built the tower) talking about his respect and admiration for him in building "so gigantic and original specimen of modern Engineering.
  • Alberto Santos-Dumont's flight.

    Alberto Santos Alberto won 10,000 francs when he flew from St Cloud to the Eiffel Tower and back in under 30 minutes.
  • Franz Reichelt's Death Jump

    Franz Reichelt- The first man to die jumping 60 metres off the Eiffel Tower with a home made parachute. The first man to die after jumping 60 metres from the first deck of the Eiffel Tower with a home-made parachute.
  • Period: to

    World War Two

    The Tower's lift cables were cut by the French so Hitler would have to climb to the top. In 1940 the swastika flag blew off only a few hours after German soldiers had tried to hoist it. It was said that Hitler may have conquered France, but he didn't conquer the Eiffel Tower.
  • Top of the Tower damaged.

    Fire damaged the top of the tower as a result of electrical cable failure.
  • Robert Moriarty

    Robert Moriarty's account of his flight.Robert flew a Beechcraft Bonanza through the arches of the tower.
  • A.J Hackett's bungy jump off the tower.

  • New Year's Eve 1999. Paris' Millenium Celebration

    video of millenium celebrations.Video of Millenium firwork celebrations, focusing on Paris, and La Tour Eiffel. Awesome!
  • 200,000,000th Guest

    The Eiffel Tower receives its 200,000,000th guest.