La amistad (ship)

La Amistad Revolt

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    The Amistad Case

  • Captured by Portuguese Slave Hunters

    Captured by Portuguese Slave Hunters
    On or about this date, a large group of Africans were captured by Portuguese slave hunters to be sold as slaves in Havana, Cuba.
  • Spanish Men Buy Africans

    On or about this date, two Spanish men bought 53 Africans as slaves. They were then put on the ship Amistad to be taken to Puerto Principe, Cuba to be plantation workers.
  • The Revolt

    The Revolt
    One of the slaves was able to free himself and all the others on this day. They mutinied on the ship, killing the captain and the cook. They then ordered the two Spanish men to sail the ship back to Africa. The Spanish men did so during the day, but sailed towards the United States at night.
  • The Seizure of the Ship

    On or about this date, the ship reached an area near Long Island. It was then seized by the United States government. As the Africans were considered property or cargo, they were also seized. They were later put in prison on charges of murder.
  • The Supreme Court Made a Decision

    The Supreme Court Made a Decision
    The Africans case went to a smaller court first, where it was decided that they were not property because they were illegally held as slaves. It was also decided that they should have free passage back to Africa. The President opposed this, and appealed this decision twice. By the time it reached the Supreme Court, John Quincy Adams had become President. He argued on behalf of the Africans. They were then given passage back to Africa.