Kyree Anthony

  • seeds

    Tiny tabacco seeds were planted in seedbeds, and covered them in pine branches to protect them from the cold
  • Period: to

    growing tabacco

    growing tabacco took almost a year, and took very hard work, so the slaves did most of the hard work.
  • Period: to

    growing tobacco

    after the year was over they started all over
  • clearing the forest

    forest were cleard to make new tobacco feilds.
  • transplant

    The seeds were large enough to transplant
  • pulling off worms

    The slaves had to go out and pick the worms off the tobacco leaves. This took about three months
  • harvesting

    A hole was cut into each stalk so it could be placed on a tabacco stake
  • drying tobacco

    The tobacco was hung in a barn to dry, for six to ten weeks
  • taking them down

    the leaves were taken down because they were dry
  • bundling

    tabacco were bundled into hands
  • hogshead

    leaves were packed into barrels called hogshead
  • rolling roads

    hogsheads were rolled down roads then were traded on ships