Kylies life:P

  • Period: to


  • Got my first cat Chizzle

  • Smashing B-day cake in my face

  • learned to make cookies

  • found a career

  • first root beer float

  • sister was born

  • mom went in for surgery

  • went for volleyball and sprained my ankle

  • Moved to Orange City, Iowa

  • got my first dog

  • got slapped for the first time by Selah Lawrensen

  • Moved to Brandon SD

  • Finally got a best friend Kaily Davis

  • Brother moved away

  • Mom got married to Jeff Koopman

  • found out i am allergic to shrimp

  • Failed my end of algebra test.

  • Got my first JOB!

  • Made Varsity soccer ! and moved away:(

  • Moved to Baltic, SD