Kurt Cobain

  • Birth

    Kurt Cobain was born in 1967, February 20th.
  • Hobby

    1969 he started singing. He wrote A song about A trip to The park. he was only 2 years old.
  • First guitar

    First guitar
    1981 february 20th on his 14th Birthday He got his first guitar from his uncle
  • Arrested

    1985 He got arrested for The first time for spraying graffiti on buildings.
  • first rock band

    first rock band
    Right after dropping out of high school, Cobain formed a rock band named ‘Fecal Matter’ in 1985
  • Nirvana

    Kurt Cobain met Nirvana in 1985 april.
  • first girlfriend

    first girlfriend
    January 1987 started dating Tracy Marander. His first real girlfriend.
  • First single

    First single
    The very first Nirvana single “love buzz” was released in 1988 November
  • First album

    First album
    In 1989 June 15th Nirvana recorded their debut album Bleach under the independent label Sub-Pop records.
  • Second girlfriend

    Second girlfriend
    Vail and Cobain briefly dated beginning in July 1990.
  • Smells like teen spirit

    Smells like teen spirit
    Nirvana’s biggest hit “smells like teen spirit” was released 1991 september
  • Tattoo

    Kurt reportedly did the tattoo on himself in 1991.
  • Fame

    Nirvana finally started gaining fame.
  • Last love

    Last love
    May 17th 1991 Kurt And his last love Courtney love started dating
  • marriage

    February 24th 1992 Kurt And Courtney got finally married.
  • Daughter

    1992 august 18th his daughter was born Frances Bean Cobain
  • Jag-stang

    He invented The Jag-Stang in 1993 January
  • second album

    second album
    Another album titled ‘In Utero’ was released in September 1993 and it attained huge success.
  • Overdose

    He OD’d on heroin 1993 July 23 yet still perfomed like nothing happened
  • Death

    1994 april 8th He killed himself.