Known Attacks and Reports to UBC

  • Period: to

    DM Enrollment at UBC

    Dates approximate
  • Period: to

    Glynnis Kirchmeier Program Enrollment - History MA

  • HARASSMENT - GK Observation/Confirmation of Non-consensual Touching, Student A

    Approximate date - Mid-October observation and conversations
  • VIOLENCE - DM non-consensually picks up women at a party and shakes them upside down

    Approximate date. DM is rebuked by a bystander and afterward he continues to pick people up against their wills but not turn them upside down
  • Period: to

    Repeated Non-Consensual Contact of Student B at Green College

    Approximate dates. Behaviour including unwanted kissing, touching, and remarks, concluding with DM sexual assault of Student B
  • HARASSMENT - Parties Where Further Non-consensual Touching of Student A Observed by GK

    Approximate dates of two parties in month of December
  • VIOLENCE - DM with a group at Green College pushes, concusses Student B

    Date Approximate
  • REPORT - UBC Admin Clark Lundeen learns DM is aggressive and a resident is hurt

    Reported by two different individuals to Clark Lundeen. DM is named by one of the individuals.
  • UNPROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOUR - DM aggressively flirts with Student D via text but backs off when she asserts their relationship is professional

    Approximate date - sometime early 2013. Student D did NOT feel victimized and has never stated that she felt so, and Glynnis Kirchmeier never alleged that Student D was a victim. Rather, the behaviour was later reported as an example of DM's ongoing unprofessional and exclusively sexualized interactions with History Department women.
  • VIOLENCE - DM sexually assaults Student C

    Sometime in month of February
  • VIOLENCE - DM assaults Caitlin Cunningham in front of a group at a pub

    Approximate date - sometime in the month of April
  • REPORT - Clark Lundeen learns about Student C's sexual assault

    Approximate date, see complaint for more specific details
  • REPORT - Glynnis Kirchmeier reports to History Department that DM may be exhibiting a pattern of sexual harassment behavior

  • Approx - VIOLENCE - DM attacks Student E

    Approximate date - sometime in the month of January. Student E flees his room, later tells other Green College residents and has an email exchange with DM in which he makes self-incriminating statements that were later quoted in the media
  • MEDIA - 3 Articles Describing "Rape Culture in Academia" published in GUTS Magazine by former Green College residents

  • Approx - REPORT - Student E complains to Green College that DM attempted to sexually assault her

    Approximate date - soon after attack
  • REPORT - GK has a phone conversation with Monica Kay, UBC Equity Office

  • Equity Office holds mandatory harassment workshop for History Department

    Workshop conducted by Equity Office employees. Both faculty and graduate students express later discontent with workshop to Equity repeatedly, stating low quality and lack of actual content about sexual harassment
  • Approx - REPORT - Student C re-reports her sexual assault to Chad Hyson

  • Approx - REPORT - Student F reports her sexual assault by DM to Chad Hyson

  • Period: to

    Unreasonable, Unexplained Delay Highlighted by Paula Butler

  • VIOLENCE - DM sexually assaults Student B after representing UBC at a conference

  • Period: to

    Dmitry Mordvinov out of Canada for research

  • Approx - REPORT - Student B designates a representative to report her sexual assault to Green College/UBC

    Approximate date
  • Student B informs UBC students and Green College residents of her assault by DM

    This knowledge spreads throughout Green College and the History Department graduate students
  • REPORT - Tina Loo, History Dept Head, learns of Student B's assault and immediately contacts Green College

    Tina Loo also has several discussions with Monica Kay and they assure several History graduate students that other relevant agencies on campus are informed and making confidential inquiries.
  • REPORT - Stephen Hay reports Student B's rape to the Ombudsperson Office

    Stephen Hay confirms to the Ombudsperson that Student B had, via her representative, also reported to UBC Security and to Green College. On July 31, he reports via telephone to Tina Loo, Head of History, who advised him that she was aware of the situation
  • REPORT - Caitlin Cunningham discloses her 2013 assault at a meeting with Monica Kay, Tina Loo, GK, and other female History Grad Students

    The female graduate students leave this meeting with the understanding that a complaint has begun, that Monica Kay is investigating, and that Monica Kay will initiate contact Glynnis. Later both Monica Kay and Tina Loo deny that Caitlin Cunningham reported her assault at this meeting.
  • Period: to

    School of Secrets Timeline for UBC Lack of Action

    Dates approximate. "A year and a half" timeline which ended when DM was expelled days before the segment aired
  • REPORT - Caitlin Cunningham re-reports her assault to Monica Kay after months of confusion

  • Period: to

    Unreasonable Delay Highlighted by Paula Butler

  • REPORT - Glynnis Kirchmeier re-reports to Monica Kay with the understanding that her information is supportive of Caitlin Cunningham's report

  • REPORT - Caitlin Cunningham complaint transferred from Monica Kay to Chad Hyson

    Caitlin Cunningham is advised that due to Dmitry Mordvinov's location out of country, action on her complaint may not move forward
  • Period: to

    CONFLICT - Tina Loo unsuccessfully prohibts History Department graduate students from discussing the general issue of sexual harassment

    The History Graduate Student Association composes a Statement Concerning Harassment which did NOT refer to Dmitry Mordvinov - see further discussion in the Complaint
  • REPORT - Stephen Hay delivers DM's self-incriminating emails to Chad Hyson

  • MEDIA - Paul Krause publishes "The Enduring Silence of UBC's 'Hunting Ground'"

  • REPORT - Stephen Hay informs Chad Hyson about Student G

    He also warns that Dmitry Mordvinov will soon attend a conference at which UBC students and Green College residents would be present and that he feared for the safety of the students.
  • REPORT - Stephen Hay meets with Chad Hyson

  • ACTION - Chad Hyson secretly restricts Dmitry Mordvinov from the UBC campus

    UBC does not contact Glynnis Kirchmeier or Caitlin Cunningham to advise them of this contact, and very few people are actually aware that DM is restricted from campus
  • CBC confirms that Dmitry Mordvinov has been expelled

    For "physically aggressive behaviour"