km8645 My Life and Time

By Km8645
  • First T-Ball game

    I had my first T-Ball game at Victory Park with my first team the "Eagles"
  • 9-11

    Hi jackers intentionally crashed 2 planes into the world trade center also known as the Twin Towers.
  • Period: to

    My Life and Time

  • Hawaii

    I went to Hawaii to visit my moms side of the family.
  • Bombed

    Terrorist bomb Bali and kill hundreds.
  • North Korea

    North Korea withdraws from treaty from nuclear bombs.
  • Favorite teacher

    I had my favorite in the 2nd grade , Mrs.Gabbard.
  • Became a dancer

    I started to dance at "Step 1"
  • Spain gets attacked

    Spain is rocked by terrorist attack , and killed over 200 people.
  • Valley days

    I went to the "Valley Days" field trip in 4th grade.
  • US soldiers

    US soldiers
    The number of deaths of US soldiers in Iraq reaches 2,000
  • Art

    I started going to a art class called "The Art Korner" with Mrs.Regina.
  • Peace

    International Day of peace
  • Signed

    Chinese president signs a series of economical dealswith Sudan.
  • Change campuses

    My school Commodore changed campuses.
  • Great America

    My 12th Birthday party at Great America
  • Obama

    Barack Obama becomes the 44th president of The US.
  • I graduate.

    I graduated 8th grade from Commodore Sockton Skills School.
  • Cut off

    Russia cuts off gas supply to Europe.
  • Oil spill

    Oil spill
    A deep water blow out, oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Saint Marys

    I went to Saint Marys High School for my freshman year.
  • Visions

    I am going to Visions online school for my Sopmore year.
  • Back down

    Irans president calls for Syrian leader to back down.