Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

Timeline created by calla.kamenov
  • The Pro-Soviet Prime Minister

    The Pro-Soviet Prime Minister
    In 1953, the cousin of the King is selected to become the new prime minister of Afghanistan. General Mohammed Doud Khan, pro-soviet, becomes the prime minister and he looks to the communist nation for economic and military assistance.
  • The Soviet Union Takes Over But Prepare For War

    Prime Minister Khan is killed by communist group. Soviet officers take over position and government creating new laws and changing old ones. Citizens of Afghanistan take charge and declare war on the communist country.
  • The Kite Runner- Russian invade Afghanistan Causing Baba And Amir To Flee

    Russians invade Afghanistan, so Baba and Amir flee the country and head to the US through Pakistan. On the ride there, Russian officers stop the outsiders, other refuges stay away at hidden camps, and many are in famine.
  • The Kite Runner- The Wedding

    As Amir and Soraya are preparing for marriage, Amir realizes Baba doesn't have that much time left of his life. Soraya agrees to speed up the wedding date because of Baba even though tradition states that the groom is supposed to meet and see the family of the bride for 6 months before the wedding. After preparing it, Soraya and Amir get married.
  • The Kite Runner- Baba Dies

    Baba decided to not take his medication, and that night he dies in his sleep. Amir realizes Baba gave him the attention and approval he has been seeking as a child when he was sick. In Kabul, Baba was a powerful man and had many things to do, but as he moved to America, he didn't have that power anymore. Baba is proud of Amir for taking his path and pursuing his dreams instead of always trying to please him.
  • Fleeing the country

    Fleeing the country
    Some 2.8 million people fled, to escape war zones, to Pakistan while another 1.5 million people fled to Iran. These countries are near Afghanistan, yet they are not involved with the war going on.
  • The Rise of the Taliban

    The Rise of the Taliban
    The Taliban rise to power on promises for peace after most Afghans (who are tired of war, famine and droughts) agree. With the power the Taliban were given, they decide to change old rules and add new ones that fit their opinions and actions. The US doesn't recognize the authority of the Taliban.
  • The Kite Runner- The Taliban's Death Punishment

    The Taliban found out that Hassan and his wife were staying at a house that they would never be able to afford, the shot Hassan. As Farzana heard the gunshot and saw her dead husband lying in the street, she ran to him. The Taliban see her running and shoot her too.
  • The Kite Runner- Sohrab's trust

    As Amir and Sohrab move together to America, Amir promises he won't put Sohrab up for adoption. When they arrive, Amir goes to meet up with the American Embassy but they won't accept him into the orphanage without death certificates showing Sohrab's parents are dead.
  • Talibans and the Outsiders

    Talibans and the Outsiders
    The Taliban put 8 international aid workers on trial for spreading christianity to others. Under the Taliban rule, this breaking of the law is punished by death, but the group of outsiders were held in prison for months until finally released on November 15.
  • The Talibans retreat

    The Talibans retreat
    After many weeks of bloody battles lost and won, the Northern alliances enter Kabul. They fight off, but the Northerners are stronger so they retreat and head further south in the country.
  • Afghan Government

    Amid continues fighting with Taliban, Al-Qaida, and the Afghan government forces. NATO expands peace-keeping operations to help south Afghanistan. After the government forces take over the US lead-troops, Taliban launches a bloody wave of suicide attacks and raids against international troops.
  • Financial Aid and Support

    The international community pledges $15 billion in aid to Afghanistan at a donors conference in Paris, while Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai promises to fight corruption in the government.
  • Obama send help

    Obama names Richard Holbrooke as special envy to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Obama announces new strategies and sends 17,000 more combat troops that were previously ordered. The new strategy includes assistance to Pakistan in it's fight against militants.
  • The peace needed

    Ashraf Ghani becomes president after 2 rounds of election. People think it's a fraud and that a power-sharing agreement happened with Ghani's rival, Abdullah Abdullah. In December, NATO hands it's missions and the US troops stay to lead Afghan forces.