Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

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  • Khan proposes a new constitution for women's rights

    During this period of time, "Khan proposes a new constitution that grants women rights and works to modernize the largely communist state."
  • Ali and Hassan leave

    Just after Amir's birthday celebration, Hassan speaks up to Ali about being raped by Assef, which caused them to leave. "Then I saw Baba do something I had never seen him do before; He cried. It scared me a cilantro, seeing a grown man sob" (113). This shows how Baba was affected by the upcoming absence of Ali and Hassan's presence.
  • Amir talks to Soraya

    After a year of thinking about her, Amir finally talks to Soraya. He was so nervous that he "couldn't bring [himself] to look her in the eye" (145). This evidence shows that Amir wanted to make a good impression on Soraya.
  • A New Leader Takes Over Afghanistan

    In 1978, "Khan is killed in a communist coup and Nur Mohammed Taraki takes over the country as president."
  • Afghans fled to Pakistan

    In 1982, "Afghans have fled to Pakistan" to avoid the war.
  • Amir meets Soraya

    Amir went with his father to the flea market. At the flea market, they met up with General Taheri and his daughter Soraya. Amir described her as a "slim-hipped young beauty with velvety coal black hair" (140).
  • Rahim Khan goes to Hazarajat

    Rahim Khan tries to convince Hassan in live with him in Baba's house. He said, "There were a lot of reasons why I went to Hazarajat to find Hassan in 1986. The biggest one, Allah forgive me, was that I was lonely" (203). This reveals why Rahim Khan went to Hazarajat.
  • The Mujahadeen receive arms

    In 1986, "the Mujahadeen are receiving arms from the United States, Britain and China via Pakistan.'
  • Baba dies

    Baba decides not to take his medicine and dies. Amir says to Soraya, "I'm going to miss him" (176). This quote shows how Amir was soon be affected by Baba's death.
  • Amir and Soraya get married

    In 1988, Amir and Soraya have a traditional Afghan marriage. Soraya described it as the "happiest day of [her] life" (166). This quote shows how important this event is in the story.
  • Farzana gives birth to a stillborn girl

    In 1986, Farzana gave birth to a stillborn girl. Rahim Khan stated, "Hassan kissed the baby's lifeless face, and we buried her in the backyard" (209). This quote shows how Hassan reacted to his daughter's birth.
  • Sanaubar arrives

    After leaving Hassan many years prior, Sanaubar shows up at Baba's front door for Hassan. Rahim Khan explains, a "sky blue bruqa knocked on the front gates" (209).
  • The Taliban destroy Buddhist statues

    In 2001, the Taliban "carried out their threat and [destroyed] Buddist statues" in Afghanistan.
  • Rahim Khan calls Amir

    Amir receives a call from Rahim Khan asking him to go to Pakistan. He tells Soraya, "I have to go to Pakistan... Rahim Khan is very sick" (191).
  • Amir and Sohrab arrive in San Francisco

    After all the chaos, Amir finds a way to get Sohrab to America. Sohrab told Amir, "Thank you very much... have a nice day" (328). This shows how thankful Sohrab was for Amir.
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    Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan