Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan”

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  • Afghanistan Becomes an Independent Nation

    Afghanistan Becomes an Independent Nation
    The British are defeated in the Third British-Afghan War (1919-21), and Afghanistan becomes an independent nation. Concerned that Afghanistan has fallen behind the rest of the world, Amir Amanullah Khan begins a rigorous campaign of socioeconomic reform.
  • Assef Rapes Hassan

    Assef Rapes Hassan
    When Amir sees Assef raping Hassan, rather than saving his friend, "[he] ran because... Assef was right: Nothing was free in this world. Maybe Hassan was the price [he] had to pay, the lamb [he] had to slay, to win Baba"(77). This event impacts Amir by challenging whether he valued loyalty or attention more. Amir had the decision whether to return the loyalty Hassan gave him or impress his father who has wished more from him, forcing Amir to choose a side than be on both sides of culture.
  • Ali and Hassan Leave

    Ali and Hassan Leave
    When Ali announces him and Hassan are going to Hazarajet, Baba starts "pleading now. 'At least tell me why. I need to know!"(106). Baba's plead for Ali and Hassan to stay reveals to Amir how much Baba cares about them, meaning Baba has more than a tough image on the outside. Amir has always viewed Baba to be immune to emotions, but seeing Baba desperate and crying for them shocks Amir because his role model did the opposite if what he wished his son acted, leaving Amir to question his identity.
  • New President of Afghanistan and Fights for Power

    Khan is killed, so Nur Mohammad Taraki, one of the founding members of the Afghan Communist Party, becomes president of the country, and Babrak Karmal is deputy prime minister. They proclaim independence from Soviet influence, and declare policies to be based on Afghan nationalism and socioeconomic justice. Taraki signs a friendship treaty with the Soviet Union, but a rivalry between Taraki and Hafizullah Amin, an influential communist leader rises conflict.
  • Fight for Power and Alliances/Rebellions

    The United States cuts off assistance to Afghanistan. Taraki is killed on Sept. 14 in a confrontation with Amin supporters. On Dec. 27, Amin and many of his followers are executed. Deputy Prime Minister Babrak Karmal becomes prime minister. Widespread opposition to Karmal and the Soviets spawns violent public demonstrations. By early 1980, the Mujahadeen rebels have united against Soviet invaders and the USSR-backed Afghan Army.
  • The U.S. boycotts the Olympics in Moscow

    "In 1980 when we still in Kabul, the U.S. announced it would be boycotting the Olympic Games in Moscow"(126).
  • Baba and Amir escape to America

    Baba and Amir escape to America
    Amir and Baba leave in the middle of the night to avoid being caught because "You couldn't trust anyone in Kabul anymore-for a fee or under threat..."(112). This reveals about how after Russia invades Afghanistan, the tension between people has gotten more tense and Russian an Afghan culture have started to merge together. This is significant because it shows how the living in Afghanistan is getting worse as time passes, leading up to the situation Sohrab was in in the orphanage.
  • War escapees escape to Pakistan

    War escapees escape to Pakistan
    Some 2.8 million Afghans have fled from the war to Pakistan, and another 1.5 million have fled to Iran. Afghan guerrillas gain control of rural areas, and Soviet troops hold urban areas.
  • Amir Graduates High School

    Amir Graduates High School
    At the graduation ceremony, Amir recalls, "I remember losing Baba in the swarm of families, flashing cameras, and blue gowns"(131). This event foreshadows the future of Amir being alone without his father because he's recalling the first time he's without Baba, revealing how from the present, he will always think back to this important moment of his life. This event shows how when Baba eventually die, causing Amir will think back and reflect on how he was guided by Baba.
  • Amir meets Soraya

    Amir meets Soraya
    After Baba buys an old van, he meets a man named General Taheri, Baba's old friend. His daughter, Soraya, leaves Amir "Lying awake in bed that night [thinking] of Soraya Taheri's [features and]...[his] heart stutter[ing] at the thought of her"(142). This new experience with woman foreshadows Amir's future connection with Soraya, where he can start a new chapter in his life, meaning she will heavily influence on Amir's values and actions.
  • Baba catches symptoms of sickness

    Baba catches symptoms of sickness
    Soon after meeting General Taheri and Soraya, Amir explains Baba's sickness progressing as "It started with a hacking cough and sniffles. He got over the sniffles, but the cough persisted"(153). This foreshadows Baba's condition worsening overtime, impacting Amir in a way where time slowly passes as he starts to lose Baba and soon figure out how to live without his guidance life. This is significant because Baba slowly fading away slowly builds Amir's independence and changes his values.
  • Baba dies of Lung Cancer

    Baba dies of Lung Cancer
    After Baba dies, Amir reflects to himself thinking, "I'd have to find [the way] on my own"(174). Baba has been there guiding Amir his entire life, now he no one to depend on, causing Amir to realize he can never find who he wants to be if he looks up to Baba his whole life rather than finding who he wants to be: a writer. Baba's death is a new chapter in Amir's life, which is a new start where he has to decide what he would do based on his own values than how Baba would do.
  • Soraya and Amir get married

    Soraya and Amir get married
    After Amir found out Soraya ran away with another man earlier, Soraya asks, "Does it bother you enough to change your mind?" Amir respond with "Nothing you said changes anything. I want us to marry"(165). This interaction reveals how much Amir truly values Soraya as a partner, regardless of her past mistakes. Amir forgiving her past connects to his own past of betraying Hassan, symbolizing his want for atonement like how Soraya can atone for her sins by staying with Amir and General Taheri.
  • Amir finishes his first book

    Amir finishes his first book
    6 months before the Soviet withdrew from Afghanistan, Amir "finished [his] first novel, a father-son story set in Kabul"(182). This event is significant because it shows how Amir has made one of his first decisions independently, showing how Amir has grown since his father's death. From his death, Amir has grown from an unsure boy to a strong-willed man who can decide what he thinks is right according to his values.
  • U.S., Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Soviet Union treaty and Resistance From Withdrawal

    U.S., Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Soviet Union treaty and Resistance From Withdrawal
    The U.S., Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Soviet Union sign peace accords in Geneva guaranteeing Afghan independence and the withdrawal of 100,000 Soviet troops. Following Soviet withdrawal, the Mujahadeen continue their resistance against the Soviet-backed regime of communist president Dr. Mohammad Najibullah, who had been elected president of the puppet Soviet state in 1986. Afghan guerrillas name Sibhatullah Mojadidi as head of their exiled government.
  • Sohrob is Born

    Sohrob is Born
    After Sanaubar comes back to find Hassan, she helps Hassan's wife birth Sohrab. After the birth, "[she] clutch[ed] that baby in her arms like she never wanted to let go."(211). This event means how Sanaubar can atone for her sins by helping take care of Hassan's son because she never took care of Hassan, and now treating Hassan like a son. This connects to Amir's atonement where he can atone for his sins by giving what's left of Hassan a chance to be remembered and saved in America as atonement.
  • Taliban Forms

    Taliban Forms
    Newly formed Islamic militia, the Taliban, rises to power on promises of peace. Most Afghans, exhausted by years of drought, famine and war, approve of the Taliban for upholding traditional Islamic values. The Taliban outlaw cultivation of poppies for the opium trade, crack down on crime, and curtail the education and employment of women. Women are required to be fully veiled and are not allowed outside alone. The United States refuses to recognize the authority of the Taliban.
  • Taliban's Executes and Fights for Control of the Country

    The Taliban publicly executes Najibullah. Ethnic groups in the north, under Masood’s Northern Alliance, and the south, aided in part by Hamid Karzai, continue to battle the Taliban for control of the country.
  • US against Taliban

    Following al-Qaida’s bombings of two American embassies in Africa, President Clinton orders cruise missile attacks against bin Laden’s training camps in Afghanistan. The attacks miss the Saudi and other leaders of the terrorist group. By now considered an international terrorist, bin Laden is widely believed to be hiding in Afghanistan, cultivating thousands in terrorist training camps. The United Nations punishes Afghanistan with sanctions restricting trade and economic development.
  • Amir Finds Out Hassan is His Half Brother

    Amir Finds Out Hassan is His Half Brother
    When Rahim Khan tells Amir Hassan is his half brother, Amir responds with "I've just found out my whole life is one big [f-ing] lie!"(223). This event impacts Amir by making Amir feel more guilt for abandoning Hassan, compelling him to go save Sohrab from the harsh conditions in Afghanistan. Amir's aggressive reaction shows how the sudden increase of guilt has so suddenly impacted him emotionally where he has an outburst.
  • Sohrab Saves Amir when Assef Beats Amir

    Sohrab Saves Amir when Assef Beats Amir
    As Assef almost beat Amir to death, Sohrab shoots Assef in the eye. After the young boy saves Amir, "[Sohrab] took [his] hand. Helped [him] to [his] feet"(291) and ran. This event is significant because it shows Amir and Sohrab's first interaction together, characterizing Sohrab to be just like Hassan. Sohrab has the same caring and gullible traits as Hassan through this kind gesture of saving a man he never met, yet trusting him in determining what happens to his life.
  • Sohrab Attempts Suicide

    Sohrab Attempts Suicide
    Before Sohrab tries to kill himself, he tells Amir, "I don't want to go to another orphanage"(324) while crying. Sohrah attempting suicide over going back to an orphanage emphasizes how bad the conditions have gotten in Afghanistan after the Taliban have taken over. This is significant because it reveals how the setting in Afghanistan or anywhere controlled by Taliban is unsafe for Sohrab, meaning Amir can't atone for his sins if Sohrab won't be safe from suicide in an orphanage or the Taliban.
  • Amir Adopts Sohrab

    Amir Adopts Sohrab
    When Amir apologizes to Sohrab, he tells him, "You have a visa to go to America, to live with me and my wife"(355). This is significant because it shows how Amir now can atone for his sins by giving what every parent would want for their son: safety and a chance at succeeding. Amir giving this to Sohrab, he can atone by treating Sohrab like a son and being the better friend he wasn't to Hassan.
  • Rahim Khan Asks Amir of a Favor

    Rahim Khan Asks Amir of a Favor
    A sick old man, named Rahim Khan, requests Amir to come visit him for a favor. When Ramin Khan prepares to ask his favor, he tells Amir, "before I do, I want to tell you about Hassan"(202). This statement foreshadows how Amir can atone for his sins after listening to Rahim Khan's experience with Hassan. By mentioning Hassan, it connects back to when Rahim Khan tells Amir that there is a way to be good again, revealing how he is about to find out the way to atone.
  • 9/11 Terrorist Attack

    9/11 Terrorist Attack
    Hijackers commandeer four commercial airplanes and crash them into the World Trade Center Towers in New York, the Pentagon outside Washington, D.C., and a Pennsylvania field, killing thousands. Days later, U.S. officials say bin Laden, the Saudi exile believed to be hiding in Afghanistan, is the prime suspect in the attack.
  • First Parliamentary Election

    The nation holds its first parliamentary elections in more than 30 years. The peaceful vote leads to the parliament’s first meeting in December.
  • Osama bin Ladan is Assassinated

    U.S. forces overtake a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, and kill al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden on May 2 local time.
  • Ashraf Ghani becomes president of Afghanistan in September

    Ashraf Ghani becomes president of Afghanistan in September
    Ashraf Ghani becomes president of Afghanistan in September after two rounds of voting, claims of election fraud and a power-sharing agreement with main rival Abdullah Abdullah. In December, NATO officially ends its combat mission in Afghanistan. U.S.-led NATO troops remain to train and advise Afghan forces.