Kite Runner & the history of Afghanistan

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  • Khan overthrows king Mohammed Zahir Shah in a military coup.

    Khan overthrows king Mohammed Zahir Shah in a military coup.
    Khan "abolishes the monarchy and names himself president'. The republic of Afghanistan is established with strong ties to the USSR
  • Kabul awakens to no longer be in a monarchy.

    While King Shah was away in Italy, "his cousin Daoud Khan ended the king's forty-year reign with a bloodless coup"(36)
  • Hazaras at the bottom of the social structure

    Hassan and his father were servants and Hazaras and they experienced extreme discrimination their entire life as Hazaras weren't accepted in the time period. Because of their oppression and lack of opportunity, "Hassan would grow up illiterate like most Hazaras"(29)
  • Babs father's connection to the royal family

    Babs father's connection to the royal family
    In the early sections of the novel, it was written by the author that Baba's father was an acquaintance of King Nader Shah. This connects as Khan overthrew Zahir Shah and they has family ties to one another.
  • Baba and Amir are traveling with other refugees to Pakistan

    The two are in a basement with several other people two of the people being Kamal and his father. Later in the chapter they arrive in Pakistan while in a fuel truck. When they arrive, Kamal's father said that Kamal isn't breathing. As a fight breaks out between Karim and Kamal's father "before he could say or do anything, Kamal's father shoved the barrel in his own mouth" (124) and shot himself
  • The scary journey of becoming a refuge as the war made people flee

    As Amir observed everyone in the truck on their way to leave Afghanistan, a young woman "burst into prayer every time the car jerked"(111) because she feared for her life as Afghanistan was between a terrible war.
  • The fleeing of Afghans

    The fleeing of Afghans
    Because of the War Afghanistan is in, about 2.8 million Afghans fled to Pakistan and another 1.5 million fled to Iran
  • Taliban run the land

    The Taliban promise to bring peace but they do this by overpowering everyone and oppress women, crack down on crime and take away most education for womem.
  • Public execution

    Public execution
    The Taliban publicly execute Najibuallah and the Taliban still reign over everyone with their power.
  • Public stoning at the soccer game

    As they were at a soccer game, Amir watched two people get stoned by the Taliban as they believed "every sinner must be punished"(270)
  • Taliban in Hassans life as a Hazara.

    Hassan refused to allow the Taliban to confiscate Amir and Babas house in Kabul and they then killed him and his wife leaving his son the only one to carry on his life as "the Taliban... massacred the Hazaras" (213)
  • the dehumanization that Kabul was now experiencing from the government (Taliban)

    As they drove through what used to be a close-knit community, Amir "saw a dead body near the restaurant" and "there had been a young man [dangling] from the end of a rope tied to a beam"( 257) . This is now the norm of Afghanistan.
  • People get put out of work as the Taliban becomes more strict

    Amir is shocked as he asks "Is that man selling his leg?" (260)Farid told him that you get good money for those kinds of things
  • How the government sent the country into a down spiral of poverty.

    Within the transition of federal power, "their were signs of poverty everywhere" (237)because people were sent out of work, forced to give up property etc.
  • the hate against Hazaras carried over to american-afghan people

    When Sohrab was brought home to his new grandparents, Sorayas father says "They will want to know why there is a Hazara boy living with our daughter"(360). This shows that even in more modern times, the Hazara discrimination is still a normal part of their culture.
  • al-Qaida attack the US

    al-Qaida attack the US
    4 planes (directed by the terrorist group)crashed into the word trade center, the pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. In the US, "bin laden was the prime suspect"