Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

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  • Women and new Opportunities

    Women and new Opportunities
    According to the article in 1957 " women are allowed to attend university and enter the workforce."
  • Khan's New Constitution

    Khan's New Constitution
    The article states that "Khan proposes a new constitution that grants women rights and works to modernize the largely communist state. He also cracks down on opponents, forcing many suspected of not supporting Khan out of the government."
  • Winning the contest losing the pride

    Winning the contest losing the pride
    Amir and Hassan compete in a kite competition and finally defeat the last kite and celebrate in excitement. They decided to go to see who the kite they defeated was. When they confronted the person they discover it Assef. Assef corners Hassan and violates him. Amir had the choice to stop this but “ in the end, [he] ran”(77). This shows that Amir valued his status more than his best friend. He was a coward not standing up for Hassan because he is only a Hazara.
  • Amir turns 13

    Amir turns 13
    At this time Amir was turning 13 still carrying the guilt from the incident. During the preparation, Amir hadn’t recognized any names of the people being invited. When the guests began to arrive he saw Assef approaching him. Assef hands Amir his present and tells him that he “picked out [his] present [hiself]”(95).As amir opens it he finds a biography of Hitler. This shows that Assef is toying with Amir and his emotions. Assef puts up this front and acts like a psychopath behind his mask.
  • Ali and Hassan leave

    Ali and Hassan leave
    Ali and Hassan decide to move away from Baba and Amir after his antics, and hiding money and presents beneath Hassan’s bed. Ali thought it was unsafe for them there and that “ Life [there] was impossible for [them] now.”(106). Hassan takes the blame and Amir realizes that this is him sacrificing himself one last time. Through this, it shows that Ali knew what Amir had done and what had happened to Hassan.
  • Amir and Baba escape to America

    Amir and Baba escape to America
    Amir and Baba flee to America due to the violence from the Soviets. As they were fleeing a solider was checking the truck and found an interest in a woman. That every “every price has a tax”(115). Baba wouldn’t stand for it and confronted the solider. Baba asked him “where his shame was”(115). This shows that Baba is a very strong person and will speak up for what is right. It is very similar to the situation Hassan and Amir had been in. This shows how baba and Amir had differed.
  • Fleeing the War

    Fleeing the War
    In 1882 "2.8 million Afghans have fled from the war to Pakistan, and another 1.5 million have fled to Iran."
  • Baba is diagnosed with cancer

    Baba is diagnosed with cancer
    During Amir and Baba’s adventures for the flea market, Baba began to violently cough. He Eventually began to cough wads of blood and Amir decided to take him to the hospital. They discover that Baba had cancer. To Amir Baba’s cancer was satan just with a different name “Baba’s was called Oat Cell Carcinoma,”(156). Baba refused to get any treatment for this. This shows that Baba knew that his passing was inevitable and there was no point in avoiding it. He wanted to take it “like a man”.
  • Amir Asks for a Favor

    Amir Asks for a Favor
    Baba’s cancer was getting worse and he wasn’t doing well. Amir knew that Baba wouldn’t live for much longer and requested something from him. He wanted baba to “ask General Taheri for his daughter’s hand.”(161). This shows that power and socioeconomic status still applies to them. Even in America, Amir needs to follow these traditions and the General’s blessing.
  • Goodbye Baba

    Goodbye Baba
    A few months after Soraya and Amir getting married Baba’s sickness was only getting worse. He became easily winded by little things and ost energy very easily. Soraya left to get his medicine but Baba stopped her and told her “not tonight, there is no pain tonight”(173). This shows foreshadowing. Baba knew that it was his time and told Soraya to not get the medicine. This becomes extremely difficult for Amir having no guide throughout life and losing someone to lead the way of their traditions.
  • Recieving Arms

    Recieving Arms
    The Mujahideen are receiving arms from the United States, Britain, and China via Pakistan.
  • Osama Bin Laden

    Osama Bin Laden
    In September, Osama bin Laden and 15 other Islamists form the group al-Qaida, or “the base”, to continue their jihad, or holy war, against the Soviets and other who they say oppose their goal of a pure nation governed by Islam.
  • Amir’s book is published

    Amir’s book is published
    After finishing his book Amir is finally able to publish. His book talks about a story set in Kabul. Others around him and especially Khala Jamila had a strong liking towards the book. Khala Jamila even told him she would “do nazr for [him]”(182). This shows that their people from Afghanistan really value their culture and find pride in it. However, this also shows that there may be difficulty accepting ta book not relating to them.
  • Sanubar Returns

    Sanubar Returns
    After Hassan and his wife moved in with Rahim Khan someone had shown up to the house. They found an old woman at the gates and brought her in. They found that it was Sanubar, Hassan's mother. Sanubar regretted her choices and says "that coming back had been a mistake"(210). This shows that although Sanubar hadn't been mentioned a lot she played an important role in Hassan and Sohrab's life. She had helped w the delivery or Srohrab's life and became his other half.
  • Childless

    After getting married a year later Soraya and Amir decided they wanted to have a child. Unfortunately, things weren't going as planned. Soraya had and unexplained fertility and was unable to produce children. Amir felt that it was hi "punishment, and perhaps justly so,"(188). This shows the guilt Amir feels for what he did. Even though it has been many years since he had seen Hassan he still carried the burden and guilt blaming himself for things.
  • Taliban

    Newly formed Islamic militia, the Taliban, rises to power on promises of peace. Most Afghans, exhausted by years of drought, famine and war, approve of the Taliban for upholding traditional Islamic values.
  • Hassan Dies

    Hassan Dies
    While living in Baba's house in Afghanistan Rahim Khan goes on a trip. While he is gone the Taliban discover that Hassan and his family are living there and that they were Hazara's. The Taliban took Hassan "and ordered him to get on his knees"(219), This shows that even though all the hardships Hassan way loyal and showed respect towards Baba and Amir. That no matter what he would stand up for what was the right thing. Even if it meant losing his life
  • Embassy Bomings

    Embassy Bomings
    Following al-Qaida’s bombings of two American embassies in Africa, President Clinton orders cruise missile attacks against bin Laden’s training camps in Afghanistan
  • A Call Home

    A Call Home
    One day Amir get a phone call from Rahim Khan notifying Amir of his sickness. Rahim also wanted Amir to visit him back in Pakistan as well. On the phone, they have a conversation and Rahim tells him that "there is a way to be good again" (192). Amir felt stunned hearing this. It signifies that Rahim Kahn had known of his sin. This causes Amir to contemplate if he should really go back and if he is able to atone.
  • Bestfriends and Brothers

    Bestfriends and Brothers
    During his visit to Pakistan, him and Rahim Khan have a conversation to catch up and give information. While having this conversation Rahim brings up Hassan as a topic. Rahim Khan reveals that "Ali was sterile"(222). Through this, it shows that Amir and Hassan are brothers. That he and Hassan are blood; therefore this creates an internal conflict .
  • Atoned?

    On his journey to find Sohrab Amir discovers he is in the hands of Assef. In order for Amir to get Sohrab back, he would have to give something back in return. Assef challenged him to fight and to settle "some unfinished business"(286). While getting beaten Amir felt an "enlightenment". This was a way of being atoned or his sins. I don't believe that this is the way to atone for his sins. There is no way to truly atone but ask for forgiveness.
  • flying a kite

     flying a kite
    Successfully bringing Sohra to America Amir finds a sort of closure. He takes Sohrab kite flying. They played the kite and Amir ran the kite for him. When Amir looked at Sohrab he received a smile” only a smile, nothing more”(371). This shows that Amir received a closer of some sort. He felt that Hassan had finally forgiven him for his mistake and that Amir he finally atoned.
  • NATO

    Amid increased violence, NATO takes over security in Kabul in August
  • Presidential Elections

    Presidential Elections
    Presidential elections are held. More than 10.5 million Afghans register to vote and choose among 18 presidential candidates, including interim leader Karzai
  • Parliamentary Elections

    Parliamentary Elections
    The nation holds its first parliamentary elections in more than 30 years. The peaceful vote leads to the parliament’s first meeting in December.
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