Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

  • Zahir Shah becomes King of Afghanistan

    Zahir Shah becomes King of Afghanistan
    Zahir Shah "brings stability" to Afghanistan and rules for 40 years until his death in 1973.
  • Amir is born

    In the winter of 1964, the protagonist Amir is born. Amir's mother dies during childbirth, and his father is left to care for him. Amir was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, where he continues to be raised. Since Amir is the protagonist, The Kite Runner is told by him. One time, Amir hears his Baba talking about the day he was born. He mentions that, if he "didn't see the doctor pull him out of his wife with his own eyes, he'd never believe Amir's his son"(23).
  • Khan becomes leader

    Khan becomes leader
    In 1973, Khan overthrows Zahir Shah and becomes the leader of Afghanistan. Shortly after this, he "creates the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan." Khan names himself president, unlike the previous leader who was a king.
  • Amir & Hassan win the Kite Flying Contest

    Amir & Hassan win the Kite Flying Contest
    During the winter of 1975, a kite flying contest takes place. Amir states that this contest is "an old winter tradition in Afghanistan"(51). At the end of the contest, the two boys ended up winning the contest.
  • Khan proposes a new constitution

    In 1975-1977, president Khan proposes a new constitution. This constitution "grants rights to women" that they didn't have before.
  • Ali & Hassan leave

    In 1976, Ali and Hassan leave and stop working for Baba. Hassan lies about stealing money, and Ali finds out. Since Ali thinks "theft was the one unforgivable sin"(106), he becomes deeply dissapointed. Carrying the disspoinment with him, he takes Hassan and leaves Baba and Amir's home to go to Hazarajat.
  • Nur Mohammad Taraki becomes president

    Following President Khan's death by a communist coup, Taraki fills in for him as president of Afghanistan. As president, he and the prime minister "proclaim independence from Soviet influence" and add Islamic influence to Afghanistan.
  • Amir & Baba leave Afghanistan

    Amir & Baba leave Afghanistan
    In 1981, Amir and Baba leave Afghanistan in March. The hardest part of their exit was the car ride. During the secretive car ride, Amir's "innards had been roiling"(110) and Baba was extremely nervous. If they had been caught, they would have suffered severely. Eventually, the two of them made it to their final destination of California.
  • Amir graduates high school

    Amir graduates high school
    During the summer of 1983, Amir graduates high school at his school in California. Although he graduated high school at age twenty, Baba was extremely proud. When Amir found him after the ceremony, Baba showed this when he "curled his arm around Amir's neck and gave his brow a single kiss."(131)
  • Amir meets Soraya

    In 1984 at the flea market. Amir meets his future wife, Soraya. Amir describes Soraya at first sight as a "slim-hipped beauty with velvety black hair"(140). Also, as Amir is describing her looks to the reader, he also talks about how his heart quickens when he sees her.
  • Soraya and Amir get married

    In 1985, Soraya and Amir get married. Before the wedding, Soraya's father says that he is "honored that your family and ours will be joined"(168). The wedding lasted non-traditionally only one day, because of Baba's health. During the wedding though, cultural traditions were practiced and made the wedding more formal.
  • Baba does not take his medicine, and dies

    During a night in 1986, Baba refuses to take medicine because "there is no pain"(173). Then, Soroya puts a blanket on Baba and she and Amir leave the room. Baba never woke up after that night. Although he never woke up, it was not a surprising death since he had been sick with cancer.
  • Drought occurs severely

    In 1995, a drought begins and is severe. Because of this, farmers and rural areas suffer. As a result, "more than 1 million Afghans flee to neighboring Pakistan."
  • Sohrab arrives in America

    On a warm day in August 2001, Sohrab arrives in America for the first time, and Amir comes home. When Amir see's Soraya in the airport she "locked her arms around his neck"(357), and Amir remebered how much he missed her.
  • Sohrab flies a kite for the first time

    In 2002, Amir flies a kite. While flying it, he asks Sohrab if he would like to try. Then, Sohrab "hesitated...and took the string"(369). This was a significant moment in the book that left Amir feeling happy and relieved.